This Guy Sleeps With Four Women Every Night and His Wife Doesn’t Mind

Heir and managing director to the Free Choice tobacco empire, Travers Beynon, has become notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle, which he flaunts on social media and typically boasts:

  • Scantily-clad women,
  • Expensive vehicles,
  • Extravagant events,
  • Wild parties. 

You would never assume that Beynon has a wife and four kids from the photos that emerge regularly from his “Candy Shop Mansion.” From pictures of him leading women by their bikini straps to women being used as human food platters, Beynon has branded himself as “The Candyman.”

In a recent interview, the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” revealed that he sleeps with at least four women a night and his wife doesn’t mind at all.

Beynon has been with his wife Taesha since 2011, but married life for “The Candyman” isn’t one most people could relate to. While explaining a day in his life, Beynon told Ocean Road Magazine about the “hurdle” that is going to bed.

“When you’ve got one girl, that’s one thing,” Beynon boasts. “When there’s multiple, there’s so much going on in my mind. In bed, there are four girls as an average. I often don’t get much sleep. What I’m like in business, life or sport, I’m like that in bed.”

Despite being happily married, Beynon sees a parade of bikini-clad women continually entering his mansion, all who are fair game according to his wife.

“There have always been other girls,” Taesha told Ocean Road Magazine. “Sometimes they only live here for a few weeks and then move on. Look at social media, you’ll see so many girls throwing themselves at him.”

Travers Beynon’s promiscuous lifestyle doesn’t seem to bother his wife in the slightest. “I don’t mind,” Taesha says. “I’m married to him! He has many girlfriends but only one wife.”

While there is a plethora of other girls, some manage to land the role of being one of Travers’ girlfriends. 21-year-old Nisha Downes, who’s referred to as his main girlfriend, has become a permanent addition in the Beynon mansion.

In an Instagram post of Beynon and his wife, he wrote, “Our marriage works so well because we have so much in common – WE BOTH LIKE HOT GIRLS. Being single and a Playboy is easy … try and do what I do!”

With his lavish lifestyle, extravagant parties, and women galore, Beynon describes himself as “a cross between The Great Gatsby, Hugh Hefner, The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Stark.”

One of the more obvious comparisons would be to socialite and professional poker player, Dan Bilzerian, who has also gained significant attention for boasting his flamboyant lifestyle on social media.

However, Bilzerian isn’t a fan of Beynon’s antics and told the Daily Mail, “I don’t know this guy personally and I’m not usually one to judge without knowing, but I will say I don’t think you should have a wife and children living in a house with naked girls and partying.”

Bilzerian added, “I also am respectful to women who treat me respectfully, and would never put my wife on a leash in the driveway for an Instagram pic.”

Beynon has shown no signs of slowing down his hedonistic lifestyle and his main girlfriend revealed, “Some nights there are four or five girls on each bed and people even on the floor — after-parties, and some random nights.”

“Trav gets an idea in his head, sometimes, he’s seen a photo during the day and suddenly there are more girls flying in from other states,” Nisha said. “Even from overseas sometimes.”

While Bilzerian was one to criticize his parenting, his kids told Ocean Road Magazinethat they have a good relationship with their father and his parenting isn’t necessarily reflected by his lifestyle.

Travers Beynon may seem to have it all, but one thing he’ll never be able to do is to relate to sitcom jokes about marriage.