This Guy Gets $84,600 Every Morning & Goes Broke Every Night – There’s An Inspiring Reason Why‏

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What would you do with $84,600? If you’re Elvis de Leon, you’d do everything you can to spend it all…

Imagine your bank account. Its a new type of account and all of the banks are offering this to their customers. Each morning your account is credited with $86,400. Every night the bank quite literally deletes the balance you failed to use during the day.

No balance is carried day to day. You can’t overdraft. Whether you dont use is written off as a loss.

What would you do?

You’d withdraw every last penny, right? Hell yeah you would.

This short film is so powerful and inspiring. Since watching it I have tried my best to make every second count.”Take every day and take every moment and make something of it. Make something positive.”

Imagine everyday you got $86,400 in your account and everyday at the end of the night it’s gone whether you used it or not you would do everything in your power to spend all of it and make it count, right?