This Guy Felt A Serious Itch In His Ear – So He Grabbed A Camera and Caught This Popping Out


Ugh. Like, really, really yucky stuff going on here. This is a terrible event in a man’s life that most people would never wish upon their worst enemy. I can’t even imagine how I would respond if, after investigating an itch in my ear, this is what I encountered. A spider! A real, live spider, with eyes! The little creature came peeking out of the man’s ear hole to see what the fuss was about, and when the eight legged beast was struck by the bright light of the camera, he sneakily crept back into his hiding spot.

Feeling and hearing all of the commotion, the recipient of the intrusion still had yet to conclude what the problem was until he turned his camera around to look into his own audio-orifice. Creepiest. Footage. Ever. If this man has arachnophobia, he could possibly be dead from a heart attack. Conversely, it might help him get over his fear. Perhaps he grows fond of tender tickle of the spider, as it grows used to the hearty scent of his freshly waxed ear hole.

A filthy proposition, I readily admit, but who can stop themselves from wondering if it could, indeed, be possible? They could go on to become the unlikeliest of friends, a true story of unprecedented transformation, from the deepest guttural fear to the heights of interspecies friendship. It is not unheard of for bonding to happen between humans and insects. One needs only look at the ardent beekeeper, dedicated as he is to his bee family, whose lives are supported by the work of his hands. They, in turn, are so comfortable with him that they will cling to his face, forming a bee beard so magnificent, songs have been written about it.