This Gravestone From 1890 Has A Warning About Democrats That Couldn’t Be More True


It seems as if everyone has an opinion on the current presidential race, including those who have been dead for over 100 years. That is the case with a new opinion about the Democratic party that is getting some traction online, and that opinion just happens to be sourced from a tombstone dating back to 1890.

The tombstone in question belongs to Nathaniel Grigsby, a man born in Indiana back in 1812. He took part in the Civil War as a cavalry officer, and he included a rant about the Democratic party on his tombstone as part of his burial requests.

In his tombstone rant, Grigsby blames the Democratic party for every misfortune that has come to the United States since the time of Andrew Jackson, and he ends the message by warning against the so-called ‘party of treason’.

Of course, it should be noted that the Democratic party of his day was nothing like the Democratic party of the present, but the analogy remains the same.


In some sense, the two major parties have essentially swapped their usual rhetoric over the previous 60 years. The Democratic party used to be defined by conservative tendencies and southern history, but it has evolved into something much different. Hillary Clinton, as the current existential leader of the party, holds the truth of the party close to her chest. While the Republican party has become more conservative and deeply rooted in its original ideas, the Democrats have swayed with what they believe is popular opinion.