This Girl Felt Pain In Her Buttocks and Went To The Doctor

No one relates the butt to serious medical problems, but this body part could have taken the life of Brazilian model Andressa Urach!

Andressa’s dream was to become a famous model and she trained hard for it. She had every attribute on her body but one – her butt. In order to succeed in her career, Andressa decided to undergo a risky illegal procedure that was supposed to make her rear bigger.

However, she learned that artificial beauty has a high price. In 2012, Andressa won the prestigious Miss BumBum contest and she was ecstatic – her childhood dream was reality and she was finally recognized for her looks. But, she could never know what was waiting for her behind the corner.

Soon after the win, she started experiencing sharp pain in her legs and when it got worse, she went to the hospital in Porto Alegre. After conducting some tests, doctors concluded that the gel injected in her thighs wasn’t absorbed in the body properly, causing her muscles to rot, which in turn caused the unbearable pain. They immediately cut open her legs and stuffed the cuts with a specific type of foam.

However, the cuts were quickly infected, leaving Andressa with the possibility of losing her legs! Luckily, the doctors were able to resolve the problem, and after numerous surgical procedures, she is now fully recovered. Andressa wrote a book about her experience afterwards that serves as a warning about the dangers of this type of surgery.