This Former Child Star Claims He Is Paris Jackson’s Biological Father

For her whole life, Paris Jackson has defended that she’s Michael Jackson’s biological daughter.

However, in a new interview, a former child star is refuting the 19-year-old’s assertions and claiming that he’s her biological father.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mark Lester, who starred in the 1968 film Oliver! when he was nine, alleged that the “Thriller” singer had fertility issues, which is why he asked the actor to donate his sperm.

“I was just helping out a friend. I think he had a problem with actually doing the physical act of sex and a very low sperm count as well,” the 58-year-old said.

The blonde beauty — whose biological mother is Debbie Rowe, a former nurse who married the pop icon in 1996 — has fought off rumors that the “Billy Jean” hitmaker, who passed away in 2009, wasn’t her biological dad for nearly her whole life.

The singer also has two sons.

The British star alleged that the pop star was shy around women, including Madonna who he claimed to have thrown herself at the singer.

“When he entered the room, she was in bed, threw the covers off and was completely naked. He took one look at her and screamed and ran away — not something I’d have done!” Mark said of an encounter between Michael and Madonna.

The actor expressed his surprise at learning Michael “had problems” with having kids.

Mark, who has four children, joked he “only had to look at his own wife and she’d get pregnant.”

In 2015, the Brit told The Sun that he was among many of the “Man in the Mirror” singer’s close friends who were asked to donate sperm.

According to the paper, the actor is banned from contacting Paris.

However, the ex-kid actor has no bad feelings toward his A-list friend.

According to Radar Online, Mark was devastated when his bud died and harbors a lot of animosity toward Dr. Conrad Murray, the musician’s physician who was sentenced for involuntary manslaughter for the “Bad” singer’s death. Who do you think is Paris’s biological dad? Mark or Michael?