This Elephant Steps On Sprinkler and Breaks It – But What She Does At The End Is Priceless


They say an elephant never forgets. I say I will never forget this happy, lively, and adorable elephant. Her name is Faa Sai and she lives at Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. The Park is a rescue and rehabilitation center that allows visitors and tourists to volunteer and help with the dozens of animals that now call it home. Besides elephants, the nature park also cares for dogs, cats, buffaloes and many other animals.

Faa Sai was rescued and ever since her life has changed immensely for the better. She is a always curious of new things and wanders freely among the various herds. She loves nothing more than to visit with all the baby elephants, where she gently watches over and cares for each one, and checks in on them daily. She truly has come a long way from her abusive background and her spirit shines with love, happiness, and joy.

In this video you can watch her cool off and play with a sprinkler. At first she’s happy to just enjoy the flowing water, as she pushes her foot over it every now and then, making rainbows with the spray and mist. Bu after a few moments she decides to switch it up. That’s when she takes her huge feet and powerful trunk and uses them to break the sprinkler! Her efforts cause the water pressure to get strong and brown, muddy water gushes forth even faster and harder than before. Faa Sai seems quite delighted with her sprinkler changes and now she has a fountain to play in!

My favorite part is towards the end when she seems to be basking in the water as she pushes her head into it. What a memorable and sweet encounter to witness, watch the clip to truly appreciate it.