This Dog Always Saved Half Their Food For Her BFF – What She Did When He Passed Away Will Break Your Heart

If you happen to have the good fortune of living with two dogs, you already know the deep bond dogs can share. Dog pals will nap together, play together, and are seemingly always available to stare out the window together, patiently waiting for the mail to come. We’ve also seen time and time again how dogs will help others out, for instance, if one dog is blind, the other will be their eyes.

Knowing the extensive friendships dogs can form, what happens when one passes? For one dog lover, she soon found out when her Labrador, Stitch passed away, leaving his BFF Cookie behind.

For the entirety of their friendship, Cookie would always leave half of the dog food in the bowl for Stitch. And when Stitch was no longer there? Cookie still left some food. 

The post on the popular Facebook page, has gone viral to no real surprise. The tear-jerker of a post has garnered tons of comments from other dog guardians sharing their own memories about their beloved canines. This sobering story is a reminder to never underestimate the power of friendship between dogs, with Stitch and Cookie’s friendship being one that anyone who has ever lost a dog can relate to.

As any dog lover knows, adopting a dog (or two!) not only saves that dog but frees up space for another dog to be given the same chance at a forever home. If you’re thinking of adding to your pack, please be sure to consider all of the responsibilities beforehand.