This Diagram Shows Which Part of Your Spine Is Causing Internal Organ Pain

When we think about our organ health and how they feel, we probably consider how we eat and how much we exercise. These are fair things to consider – if you drink a six pack of beers a day, don’t be surprised if your liver isn’t healthy. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you can’t be surprised when your lungs hurt. But sometimes, it’s more than that.

Every organ in our body is connected through our spinal cord. Your lungs know to breathe and heart knows to beat because of messages they receive through it. Every organ is connected. So a little bit of blockage can have a profound impact.

Some health problems associated with spinal issues can be as innocuous as headache or slight numbness. More severely, they can manifest as kidney or digestive issues.

Just one look at the image above and you’ll know without a doubt the importance of taking care of the spine. Doing things like sitting in an ergonomic chair at work, exercising your abs every day, getting massages and routine trips to the chiropractor, wearing comfortable shoes that fit right, and sleeping on the right kind of mattress and pillow go a long way to ensuring good spinal health.

This is a great exercise for maintaining a healthy back too: