This Dangerous Fog In Hungary Froze Nearly Everything In Its Path

The awesome power of nature can be overwhelming at times. It can and will surprise you when you take it for granted. Sometimes, when you’re expecting just a run-of-the-mill storm, it can turn into something much more serious.

A rolling fog recently came through a Hungarian forest in Pilis. What initially looked like a normal fog turned out to be much more than the Hungarian Meteorological Service expected.

When the fog came through a hilly forest, the temperature started to drop rapidly, past the point of a normal fog.


The fog froze to anything it could stick to, especially trees and animals.

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This created a zone of near death that would surely put even the more experienced traveller in mortal danger.



This looks pretty dangerous.

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It’s almost hard to believe that a natural fog could pose much danger besides a lack of sight. However, these images prove that even a simple fog can be treacherous.