This Country Pays $5000 Per Month To Immigrants Who Marry Their Women

The world has evolved and changed rapidly. We have seen it but have been totally unaware of the modification and its consequences. The breaking news is in the air since last two days that the country Iceland is paying $5000 to immigrants for marrying its women. It’s not something the Iceland team of leaders can brag about. It is the final step the nation has to take after witnessing the lack of men in the country. Yes! The insufficient male population compelled Iceland paying to immigrants.

The country is not offering this money to fight in the borders and protect it but to marry its women. It sounds pretty unreasonable to accept, but it is the action planned by the country to expand its population.

Are you a marriage aspirant? Moving to Iceland can be one of your choices.

Maybe one of the best choices ever because it is an opportunity of grabbing $5k.

The cold country is facing the lack of male population on its land.

It published the article mentioning the marriage proposal.

The frozen nation got the palms of everyone(who knows) around the world colder after publishing the offer that it’s giving money to immigrants for marrying its women. It has begun publishing and spreading the news on the web since June 2016.

Iceland has deliberately grabbed world’s attention

It has published the news in some new websites of Africa and other countries as well.

$5000 per month for marrying an Icelandic woman. What say?

All you have to do is to be capable of bearing the bitter cold of the country.

Iceland government finally discovered the way to get rid of the population imbalance issue.