This Company Is Recycling Plastic Into Bricks and Building Houses With It

New Zealand-based inventor and engineer, Peter Lewis, can invented a portable plastic recycler that turns old plastic into bricks, capable of serving as housing foundation.

Teaming up with ByFusion, the team has dedicated itself to creating low income housing around the world.  They are also making it easy and cheap to get a portable plastic recycler for yourself.

“Every year millions of tons of plastic ends up in the ocean and we have a technology platform that can process it in an environmentally-sensitive way and put it to use in local communities,” says Gregor Gomory, CEO of ByFusion.

The idea that plastic can be recycled locally is a brilliant one.  From machines like this, to other, simple, things in your house that let you melt down plastic on the fly, reusing plastic on a local level is the key to sustainably moving forward with it.
Now, ByFusion has teamed up with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to clean up the state.

“The first SCH-ByFusion joint project will focus on the plastic accumulating across all of the Hawaiian Islands… This is an incredibly important area both for Hawaiians and for the world, with extensive coral reefs that are home to over 7,000 marine species, one quarter of which are found only in the Hawaiian Archipelago,” says Kahi Pacarr, Executive Director of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

According to ByFusion, the plastic bricks are insulative and are created with a “nearly 100-percent carbon neutral, non-toxic manufacturing process.”

With a track record like this, we have much more to see from this budding, eco-friendly company.