This Amazing Story of A Girl Who Came Back To Life After Five Weeks Will Stun You

The story you are about to read is just like a movie plot. Two girls lying beside each other, taking their very last breath and their id’s being exchanged while they lie there.

So, it all started when the girls were travelling in a bus with seven other people, and the bus met a brutal accidentWhitney Wheeler, 29, from North Carolina, US was seriously injured. When she was taken to the hospital, a family prayed beside her but not for her, for a girl called Laura Van Ryn. Confused? Aren’t you?

Whitney Wheeler, 29, Carolina who is married and has three kids says…

“Lying unconscious in the hospital bed a stranger family prayed beside me.”

Whitney, the University student was travelling in a bus when the vehicle collided with a tractor.

The family wasn’t praying for her but was praying for a girl named Laura Van Ryn.

The confusion was: It was assumed she was her because of their exchanged id cards.

Same height, build and hair.

There were only four survivors in the crash.

Whitney’s family was wrongly informed that she was one of the fatalities.

Her family received a call saying she is not alive. While she was lying alive in the hospital.

When the hospital finally found out that she was Whitney and not Laura, they called her family.

They thought it was a sick joke but were happy to find that she was alive. Whitney is happy right now with her babies and a lovely family.