This 9 Year Old Girl Has Shocking Superhuman Abilities


How could a young girl be blindfolded but still have the ability to read what was written on a piece of paper in front of her? Yogamaatha, a nine-year-old girl from India recently surprised everyone when she put three blindfolds over her eyes she could still read the paper placed in front of her.

She says a Guru at a course she attended in Gurukul, in India taught her how to use this unique ability to see with her third-eye. Some people think this is a gift she was given that only a few people in the world have, but Yogamaatha says it is a learned ability.

HOW DID YOGAMAATHA READ BLIDFOLDED? She was taken all the way to Capital Hill to be tested with a blindfold over her eyes, and of course, she passed. Then she moved on to Southern California to a Vedic Temple where she showed everyone she could read sentences, and even play games while blindfolded.

There are other children like Yogamaatha around the world learning this amazing ability. It is learned through meditation and learning how to use the pineal gland as your third-eye. The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located near the center of the brain.

They say everyone can activate their pineal gland through meditation to see through your third-eye, and have a feeling of all knowing. It is definitely a unique ability, and if it is learned as they say then wouldn’t it be neat if we could all learn to see with our third-eye?

We must all have this ability hidden inside of us, and we should all be able to learn to use our third-eye. Yogamaatha showed everyone her unique ability, and now it makes everyone wonder if they too can do what she does. Most people probably don’t believe in the third-eye, but after watching this young girl do what she does, maybe then they will see what is possible.