This 81 Year Old Man Is Travelling Across India Since 22 Years

Where there is a will, there is a way. With strength and determination, a landless farmer, Dashrath Manjhi moved a mountain and achieved the unachievable. With exemplary grit and courage, one can achieve anything. 81-year-old, Mr. Bageecha Singh has been traveling around India since 20 years. He is campaigning against child labour, smoking cigarettes, chewing gutkas and female foeticide. He believes that everyone has a similar amount of energy as he has, and anyone can travel across India.

He is traveling from Kanyakumari to Haryana and has completed 21 rounds around India. His backpack weighs 90 kilograms and those who tried to carry it, gave up in few minutes. Let us know more about this amazing person.

Mr Bageecha Singh started his first journey February 22, 1993

Since then, he has made twenty journeys across India from 1993 and never looked back. One striking thing which touches everyone about him is, he always carries two national flags on his shoulders.

It needs extra-ordinary bravery to fight the odds and to walk from Kanyakumari to Haryana.

Mr. Bageecha Singh shared that his bag consists his clothes, a tent, bed sheets and other materials. His message to youth is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and leave all bad habits.

He is so deeply dedicated to this mission that he did not married.

As if that was not less, he has not visited his home since past two decades but has made a lot of friends whom he met during his journey.