This $25 Iron Fish Is Saving The Lives of Millions and It Can Save Yours Too

When you are born and raised in a country such as the United States, it is sometimes hard to remember that people in other countries are going through. For example, did you know that throughout the world, there are 2 billion people who are anemic and suffer from iron deficiency? This may not seem like a big deal to you, but some of the side effects from being anemic are unexplained fatigue, shortness of breath or chest pain, weakness, rapid heartbeat, or a constant headache just to name a few. Being anemic is the most common nutritional problem in the world because supplements typically are too expensive for low income families. Recently Dr. Christopher Charles from Canada came up with a solution for this problem, and it’s so unbelievably simple! It’s called the Lucky Iron Fish and it’s saving the lives of many people across the world.

This is the Lucky Iron Fish, and it can provide up to 75% of an adult’s daily recommended intake of iron.

Almost 50% of Cambodians suffer from anemia, but this fish is here to help solve this epidemic.

It’s very easy to use. “Boil up water or soup with the iron fish for at least 10 minutes… you can then take it out. Now add a little lemon juice which is important for the absorption of the iron,” explains Dr. Charles.

The fish can then be rinsed off in water so it can be used when cooking the next meal.

The Lucky Iron Fish does not affect the flavor of the food it’s being cooked in, so nobody notices the difference.

With the Lucky Iron Fish being used in Cambodia by 2,500 villagers, trials show that half of those people are no longer anemic after using the fish for just 12 months.

Their goal is to make this fish available to even more villagers in Cambodia, while also making it suitable for other countries.

There are people all over the world who are suffering from anemia, who knew that one little metal fish could help solve this problem.

When using the fish, you simply clean the fish and then put it in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the fish and add the ingredients to the pot. The ease of use makes this wonderful! 

By adding this little fish into your pot of boiling water, you won’t have to worry about iron deficiency again.

Who knew that such a small and simple thing could save the lives of millions? On their website, they offer a few different options so you can help too. For just $25.00, you can either send a school of fish, which includes 5 fish, to 5 families in Cambodia or you can get one fish and they’ll give one fish to someone in need. What a great way to not only help yourself but also help families that are in need.