This 17 Year Old Spent 11 Days, 56 Hours, and 4000 of These To Make A Stunning American Flag


What do you get when you paint 4466 tiny toy soldiers with over 20 cans of red, white and blue spray paint and arrange them on a four-foot-by-six-foot wooden board? A pretty awesome school project.

Jacob, a 17-year-old senior at Maconaquah High School in Bunker Hill, recreated the American flag using those materials. The final product is pretty outstanding, and given the amount of time that Jacob spent, it’s no surprise that the flag turned out so spectacular. It took Jacob 52 hours spread out over 11 days to complete the project.

His mom was so proud of the finished product that she took photos of the flag and posted them on her Facebook page. The post has received thousands of shares and likes in just a few days.

Jacob has had offers from people who want to buy the piece, but he doesn’t plan on selling. He simply wants an A on the project, and we’re pretty sure he’ll get it.

He also plans on entering it in a scholarship completion. Does he get bonus points for publicity?


Want to make your own ‘Army Guy American Flag”? Here’s what you’ll need:

4,466 toy soldiers (in 7 different poses)

A 4’x6′ wood board

20-30 cans of spray paint (red, white, and blue)

Glue, lots of glue