They’re Trying To Kill Me Wrote Michael Jackson In The Chilling Letters A Few Weeks Before His Death

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who ruled the music industry in the 90s will remain in our heart forever through his great dance moves and grand career. The more successful he started to become in his professional life back then, the more disastrous impact it had on his private life.

Talking about his personal life, the legendary artist was famous for his friendships, and one such close friend of his, Michael Jacobshagen from Germany released a series of letters written by Michael Jackson.

The pop star, whose private life was not so private seems entirely different through the window of these letters. The letters reveal how scared Michael Jackson was in his last days, and how he predicted a few weeks before his death that his end was coming near.

Jacobshagen, a businessman from Germany, has been MJ’s friend for almost 20 years, and he is one of those people who surrounded Michael at the time of his death. If Jacobshagen has shared something, then it’s worth considering.

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Michael knew that he’ll die soon.

Michael Jackson confessed to his friend a few weeks before his death that he’d die soon. And this is what had happened. The letters proved to be the real prediction as MJ died in 2009 due to the drugs overdose.

From pop star’s daughter Paris Jackson to his sister La Toya, everyone seemed to believe (even today) that Michael Jackson was killed unlawfully, reports Daily Mail.

That friend was none other than a child fan of M.J. who is now a businessman in Germany.

Michael Jacobshagen, who is now a grown up man and runs a business of his own has revealed that the King of Pop wasn’t happy about his life, and was emotionally turmoiled because of some reasons.

The businessman from Germany reveals that MJ used to write him tearful letters…

And when Jackson was hiding somewhere in Las Vegas hideaway to prepare for his next show in London’s O2, he begged his little friend to fly from Germany to the US, so that he can be with him.

But why would the star call a kid to be with him?

Well, if Jacobshagen’s words are to believed, then they reveal that Michael Jackson was terrified of what may occur in his life and wanted Jacobshagen to be with him ahead of his tour.

13 notes why!

After German fan and friend, Michael Jacobshagen came to see Michael Jackson; MJ gave 13 notes to him. Jackson feared somebody was after his life and suggested that he might get murdered soon.

What was written in them?

And in those 13 messages, he declared: “They are trying to murder me” and “I am scared about my life,” suggests reports.

In this picture, Michael Jacobshagen.

He already shared a two-decade-long friendship with MJ before his death, and the existence of these letters has been revealed by (now) the 34-year-old, Jacobshagen. In May 2017, Michael Jacobshagen appeared on the Australian TV show where he confirmed the existence of these letters.

The King was found dead in his apartment.

Just four weeks after MJ handed over those letters, he was found dead. The initial reports suggested that he overdosed with sedative, Propofol which he used to take to cure insomnia.

In his text ‘Somebody is trying to kill me,’ the pop star never mentioned who was that somebody.

The police department and doctors reveal that he might have said it because of the big tour that he was going to take.

 The shocking news that came after his death

Michael Jackson’s physician, Conard Murray was sent to four years of imprisonment on the charges of the involuntary man slaughtering case of Michael Jackson.

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson still believes that her father was murdered.

After finding the notes received by Jacobshagen, Michael’s daughter, Paris claimed that her father was murdered.

More investigation will be done now.

A proper interview is being arranged with Michael Jacobshagen next month so that more details can be known.

Michael Jackson’s fan following hasn’t decreased even after eight years since his death.