They Were Married For 70 Years Before Anyone Found Out The Shocking Secret They Had Been Hiding


When Kenneth and Helen first met each other as teenagers in Ohio, they felt sparks fly immediately. It didn’t take them long to know that what they had was special – by anyone’s standards. And they knew they had to act on it…

Two years later they ran away together to get married. But they were not legally old enough to do so. Their family didn’t know this until after the couple had died…

Before Kenneth’s 21st birthday, the couple pretended to be of legal age and got married. Because this happened seven decades ago, they didn’t need the kind of documentation they would nowadays. Believe it or not, it was not the controversy that it might be considered today. In fact, it was common for people to get married at younger ages back then. Now a days, it is not as common to see high school (or just young) sweethearts who stand the test of time and eventually get married.

Since they tied the knot, every moment was magical. They never grew bored of each other and went on to birth 8 children. Their children gave them 23 grandchildren and then 42 great-grandchildren. They lived a happy and fulfilled life despite getting married at a young (and then illegal) age.

Until the last of their days, the loving couple was able to watch their familial legacy blossom and bloom.

Every morning Kenneth and Helen would hold hands and offer a prayer of thanks for their food and for each other.

But then tragedy struck. Helen died. And the entire family knew that Kenneth’s time was almost up – he simply couldn’t live without her.

15 hours after Helen went to Heaven, her loving husband of 70-years joined her.

They truly could not spend the time apart.
The inseparable couple cemented their loving legacy forever. Now check out the report about them below to learn more! They are truly an inspiration to all couples at any age.