They Say The Way You Sleep Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Every single one of us has to sleep, but we all sleep in different ways. Surprisingly enough, the way you sleep can actually reveal a lot about your personality as an individual.

Charles Dickens was known to sleep facing north because he believed it increased his creativity. Leonardo da Vinci took 20 minute naps in 4 hour intervals in order to recharge is mental energy.

It may seem like a subconscious choice, but who we are at a core level effects which positions are the most worthy for dreaming.

What position do you sleep in? On your back? On your side? Surprisingly, it can reveal a lot about your waking life. If you found this analysis accurate, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. If not, let us know in the comments below!


The most popular position position of all; the sleeper is on their side, with legs curled. According to a survey by sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, PhD and author of the book Learn to Sleep Well, 41% of us sleep like this.  These people have a tough exterior, but are extremely sensitive and shy on the inside. They often worry too much and over think their problems.


The solider is someone who sleeps on their back with arms straight along their sides. Soldiers usually live up to the title, strong and level-headed. They enjoy structure and take life very seriously. They have high expectations for themselves and those around them. They’re also likely to snore as well.


This is the least popular sleeping position. These people lie on their backs, arms behind by their head, and legs extended. People who sleep in the starfish position are loyal friends and see friendship as a priority in their life. They love listening to other’s problems and offering help when they can.


The freefaller is someone who sleeps on their stomach, arms wrapped around a pillow, with their head to the side. They tend to have very playful and bubbly personalities. They can also be very blunt and honest. While they may seem like a free spirit, they’re secret control freaks. They can be extremely sensitive to criticism and tend to be huge risk takers.


Similar to the log, the yearner is when the sleeper is on their side, but arms are stretched in front of them. Studies have shown that people who sleep in this position are very inviting and open about their life. They’re often suspicious and quite pessimistic. Yearners are very slow decision makers, but once they’ve decided something they’re very stubborn about it.


In this position, the sleeper is on their side, arms by their sides, legs extended. This is the second most popular position. It may look stiff, but someone who sleeps like this is anything but tense. If you sleep like this, you’re probably a very outgoing and social person. They enjoy conversing with all sorts of people and a very trusting. However, this can make them come off as gullible.