They Make Celebrities and Then Break Them

This article will examine what is really going on in the Hills of Hollywood and across the Globe.

Timeline of celebrities killed by Illegal drugs and Big Pharma .



Ever heard the saying “You get nothing for free”?  Well its very true.  The celebrities give up their mind and control  to gain riches of this world. They are rewarded with big pay checks and big promotions to boost their ego’s, and if they get out of line they take it all back from them. If you refuse there are plenty ways of getting rid of people. One of such way’s are Big Pharmaceutical drugs. For the handlers it is the last resort.  If the handlers see that you can not longer be controlled or will submit to mind control such as MK-Ultra they use the final solution. The latest victim happens to be Whitney Houston but if you go through the history of time  you will find a long list of Famous celebrities that are no longer with us because of  Big Pharma and handlers of Mind Control in Hollywood. Let us now examine exactly what i am writing about. Below is a list of many famous celebrities.

 1962: American actress, singer, and model Marilyn Monroe reportedly died of a barbiturate overdose, a class of drugs that artificially induces relaxation and sleep. Though the precise details of her death are still disputed, her death was officially declared to be “acute barbiturate poisoning.”

• 1968: Famous American actor Nick Adams, a good friend of James Dean and Elvis Presley, reportedly died of an overdose of barbiturates as well. His mysterious death was officially certified as “accidental-suicidal and undetermined,” but high levels of sedatives were found in his blood.

•  1971: James Douglas “Jim” Morrison was the lead singer and  lyricist  of rock band The Doors as well as a Poet. Morrison died on July 3, 1971 at  age of 27. In the official account of his death, he was found in a Paris apartment bathtub (at 17-19 rue Beautreillis, 4th “arrondissement”) by Courson. Pursuant to French law, no autopsy was performed because the medical examiner stated that there was no evidence of foul play.  The absence of an official autopsy has left many questions regarding Morrison’s cause of his death.  Also Whitney Houston was found in the bath tub on 2/11/2012 coincidence ? I don’t think so.

• 1977: Iconic singer Elvis Presley had a long history of prescription drug abuse, having developed an addiction to stimulants during his days in the military. His personal physician, Dr. George Nichopoulos, reportedly supplied pills to Presley during his singing career “without concern for his health,” which eventually led to his overdose-induced death.

•  1982: John Adam Belushi  was an American comedian, actor, and musician, best known as one of the original cast members of the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. On March 5, 1982, Belushi was found dead in his room, by Bill Wallace at Bungalow number 3 of the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard  in West Hollywood, California. The cause of death was a speedball; the combined injection of  cocaine  and heroin.

•  1993: River Jude Phoenix was an American film actor, musician, and  teen icon. Killed on the night of Halloween. On the evening of October 30, 1993, Phoenix was to perform with his close friend Flea  from the Red Hot Chili Peppers onstage at  The Viper Room,  a Hollywood night club partly owned at the time by actor Johnny Depp. At some point in the evening, Phoenix went to the bathroom to take drugs with various friends and dealers.


• 1994:Kurt Cobain, former lead singer and guitarist of the band Nirvana, reportedly died of a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head that many reports link to a lethal dose of heroin. Like many of the others, Cobain had a history of illicit drug abuse, but upon his death, reports indicated that traces of diazepam, an anti-anxiety medication marketed under the name Valium, was also found in his blood.

• 1997: Michael Kelland John Hutchence   was an Australian musician and actor. He was the founding lead singer-songwriter of rock band “INXS”  from 1977 to his death in 1997. Hutchence and INXS went on a world tour to support the April 1997 release of Elegantly Wasted, both the album and its related singles had less chart success. The final leg of their 20th anniversary tour was to be in Australia in November and December. However, on the morning of 22 November 1997, Hutchence, aged 37, was found dead in Room 524 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney.

• 1997: Famous comedian and actor  Chris Farley  was found dead in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose. But according to some reports, no illegal narcotics were found on the premesis, while plenty of prescription drugs were found. A later autopsy revealed morphine and cocaine intoxication as the cause of his “accidental” death.


• 2007: Anna Nicole Smith and Daniel Wayne Smith.  Anna Nicole Smith was an American model, actress, and television personality died of an overdose of prescription drugs. There is still much controversy over her doctors’ involvement in her death, as they reportedly wrote her fake prescriptions for sleeping pills, opioid painkillers, and anti-anxiety drugs, all of which contributed to her death. Her son was also killed Daniel Wayne Smith Smith died while visiting his mother at the maternity ward in Doctor’s Hospital in (Nassau, The Bahamas), on September 10, 2006, days after she had given birth to his half sister (Dannielynn Hope].  Cyril Wecht,  an American forensic pathologist, stated Daniel Smith accidentally overdosed on methadone and escitalopram.

• 2008: Actor Heath Ledger was killed by taking a cocktail of pharmaceuticals prescribed him by his doctors. These included OxyContin, Valium, Xanax, Restoril, Unisom, and Vicodin.

• 2009: American actress and artist Farrah Fawcett died as a result of prescribed chemotherapy treatments for her cancer. This treatment, which was prescribed for her anal cancer, actually caused more cancer, which ultimately destroyed her immune system and killed her.

• 2009: Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” died after being given an injection of Propofol , a highly-potent opioid drug, by his doctor. Though prescription drugs eventually killed him, Jackson may have been deliberately drug induced by his “handlers” for quite some time throughout his career as a way to maximize corporate profits.

• 2011: Singer Amy Winehouse reportedly died of alcohol poisoning, but some reports say that she may have also been taking prescription drugs. Though no “illegal substances” were found in her body at the time of death, official reports appear to omit the actual cause of her death, which strongly points to prescription drugs as a culprit in addition to alcohol.

• 2012: Though the mainstream media is silent on the subject, some reports are now indicating that Whitney Houston’s death was actually caused by prescription drugs and alcohol, not drowning. According to reports, a deadly combination of Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and sleeping medications killed Houston before she sunk underneath the water in her bathtub.

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