They Found a Mysterious Box In A Dumpster – What Was In It Baffles Everyone

The box looks handmade fitted with hinges, handle and two locks.

It looks like the author had some other-world experience.

Handwritten table of elements.

Here is a patent that was never filed with the United States Patent Office – But things get weirder from here…

This diagram was dated 1939.

Weirdly this map shows air travel routes.

A lot of the maps are hand-drawn with a center to the map.

They are depicting some sort of aerial routes.

There was a bunch of maps.

With baffling mysteries that continue.

Here’s a note from the previous owner.

Yet another map.

A very old note from the Veterans Affairs office.

The artist shows us an event that took place in Tampa, FL in 1977. He states that there was extraterrestrial involved.

Very weird to see UFO’s and angelic looking beings on the same page.

Drawing of angelic being.

A brief summary of events.

Some geometric shapes.

More angelic beings that look like something out of the biblical book of Revelation.

Was this some sort of dream or did this really happen?

Some think this looks like wheels within wheels.

The drawings look like a weird mix of alien and biblical.

Close up of the corner.

Some drawings are from the patent seen before.

One of the patent drawings/diagram.

Looks like some new train wheels.

So what do you think?