They Can Take Your Baby If Fed This Natural Food


Goat milk is the closest milk to human milk.

BROOKLIN, ME – When Alorah Gellerson’s baby did not take to breastfeeding, she started giving him goat’s milk formula. “Oh, he loved it,” Gellerson said. “We put celery juice in it, and he just loves that, and it worked really well with his body, and he grew like a weed.”

When her doctor alerted the Department of Health and Human Services to the fact that she was using homemade formula and not store-bought formula, things got messy.

“She came in and threatened to take him away and put him in foster care until I complied to go to the doctor and get him seen.”

“It’s so frustrating. My daughter is a great mother. The baby has a great dad, too, and they love this baby very much, and they would never do anything to hurt him. And if we thought the formula was harming him, we would not do that,” said Tania Allen, Gellerson’s mother.