These Smoothies Will Trigger Happy Chemicals In The Brain That Can Help Reduce Depression


We all want to feel happy no matter what kind of problems we have- job issues, domestic affairs, lack of money,marriage problems, stress at work, naughty children or grandchildren, serious disease or irritating neighbors. The feeling of happiness is closely associated with the state of your mood. Mood on the other hand can be greatly affected by certain chemicals that trigger the production of hormones responsible for good mood and positive feelings.

Keep in mind that what you eat does affect your mood. In order to avoid getting upset and frustrated, eliminate certain foods from your menu such as a large quantity of caffeine, fat and refined sugar. Substitute these foods with healthier variant such as cocoa, avocado and strawberries which will have only beneficial effects on your health.

Owing to the high content of phytonutrients, orange and yellow color fruits, such as  peaches, oranges and bananas can help improve your mood and boost energy. Moreover they establish a good blood circulation within the brain so they further improve memory and prevent memory loss.

Raspberries are another fruit that can significantly enhance the feeling of greatness. They are an excellent source of antioxidants and they trigger the components and nutrients in charge of the regulation of serotonin and melatonin level, which in turn are essential for good mood, good sleeping habits and have anti-depressive effect on humans.


Amazing Smoothie for Excellent Mood


3 ripe peaches

1/2 cup raspberries

1 banana

1/2 cup orange juice

Peel the peaches, chop them into chunks and combine them with all the listed ingredients. Put everything in a blender and blend until you get a creamy mixture. Pour in glasses and garnish with a piece of peach. Enjoy the great taste of this amazing smoothie recipe!

The symptoms of depression range from mild to very serious, and while this recipe isn’t a solution that’s intended to replace other forms of treatment, we’re finding more and more information that supports having a healthy diet to combat symptoms of feeling blue. Nature has provided foods that naturally trigger happy chemicals in our brain; think chocolate or different forms of blue-green algae for their PEA content, or bananas which contain tryptophan and can trigger serotonin production in the brain (and in the tummy) which of course, results in feeling happier.

1-2 Frozen or fresh bananas (frozen makes them creamier and more like an ice cream treat)

1 tbsp. honey

1 tbsp. almond butter

1 tbsp. chia seeds or hemp seeds

1 tbsp. flax seeds or flax oil

1 pinch vanilla bean or tsp. of vanilla extract

1 scoop protein powder optional

1 cup almond, coconut or hemp milk

 Peel your bananas before freezing them or blending them fresh. Blend your ingredients together on high until smooth and enjoy!

The foods you eat can make you feel a whole lot better – or a whole lot worse! Food has a major impact on our emotional wellness, and if we aren’t eating properly, we can slip into bouts of depression, grogginess and fatigue. If you feel you need a little mood boost, why not reach for this incredibly easy to prepare smoothie? It will help you say goodbye to your lonesome blues!


What is so special about these ingredients? 

Swiss Chard – packed with the essential mineral magnesium. A large majority of individuals lack this essential mineral, which plays an important part in the biochemical reactions in our brain related to boosting energy levels and making us feel awesome! Why are we lacking? Depleted soil nutrients, stress and unhealthy eating habits. Consuming alcohol actually lowers the availability of magnesium to our cells and drinking fluoridated water prevents magnesium from binding to the cells in our body.

Bananas – proven to be rich in mood boosting magnesium! It is also very high in potassium, which helps improve our energy levels, as well as vitamin B6 which is necessary for the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin (the happy brain chemicals!) 

Blueberries – these little guys contain anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that help protect our neurons and fight off inflammation that might otherwise make us feel “blue” (pardon the pun!). Blueberries help ease stress, reduce depression and improve our short-term memory!

– 2 cups organic blueberries
– 3 ripe bananas
– 2 cups packed swiss chard
– 1 inch ginger root
– 1 cup water or young thai coconut water if available