These Mysterious Photos Will Startle You

Science has long ago proven that we are all afraid of what we can’t explain, and if that’s what fear is, then this is an extremely frightening place.

The Cardborosaurus Sea Abomination

As early as 1907, a group of anglers was out at sea, doing a regular round of fishing. At one point, they saw something that made their hearts stop. It was an enormous snake-like creature of fearsome proportions. They quickly reeled it in and took it to the nearby shore, after which they even took this highly disputed picture.

The JFK Mystery

The assassination of JFK is still shrouded in mystery. Aside from the obvious conundrums, a bigger mystery arises from this photo. The lady with a rag over her head calmly stands by the crime scene, even though other people have fled. She was holding a camera, but neither she nor the footage have ever been found.

The Extraterrestrial Photobombing

Jim Templeton was just an ordinary man who took the opportunity of good weather on a weekend in order to take his family out to a picnic. His wife was with him when he took this photo of his daughter, but it seems like somebody else was there as well.

The Hoverhand

We all remember those happy moments when we’d stand together with our classmates for a group picture at the end of the year, but just who or what is that in the background on the right? There are colored children here, but they’re all on the left. It seems that the class has an unwanted secret student.

The Survivor of the Twins

This still from a live camera that was recording the twin towers during 9/11 depicts a living person standing right at the edge of the demolished building. It seems highly improbable that anyone survived the initial strike, especially since the woman is in the entirely scorched area. Her identity remains unknown to this day.

The Abandoned Hospital

If you’re looking for a place to use your Ouija board, you’re likely to go to an abandoned building or house. But how about an entire hospital, where so many souls have passed? The abandoned hospital at Waverly Hills is definitely one of the terrifying places on the planet, and that’s where this picture was taken.

The Dark Knight

Much to the surprise of many, as very few were ever aware of its existence, a sort of alien-like satellite keeps orbiting our planet. Its origin is unknown, but it’s believed to have existed for 13,000 years now. Some claim that it has sent us signals multiple times, but NASA released no further information.

The New Year’s Apparition

As the family gathered for an evening that comes only once a year, the lights of the tree seem to have attracted another visitor. If you take a close look at the middle of the carpet, you can see a gaunt leg rising from the floor. The question is, who does it belong to?

Lord Combermere’s Armchair

A veteran of the British military from the 1800s, also known as Lord Combermere, used to enjoy all the fame and fortune one could have. As he was so well-respected by the people, many came to his funeral. This photo was taken during those same hours, while the inventory of his household was in progress.

The Ominous Bridge

The bridge in Oak Grove Kentucky is notorious for a number of crimes that took place on it, and as such, it is no stranger to supernatural occurrences from time to time. This picture was taken in the middle of the night, and the shady figure in question is probably someone that was murdered on that very spot.

The Uninvited Guest

When a couple rented a room at the Worley Bed And Breakfast Inn in Georgia in 1999, the one thing they surely weren’t expecting was a ghost on their bed. The husband took a picture of the lovely room so that he could later show it to his loved ones, but they were all in for a surprise after the photo was developed.

The Visitors

It looks like the painting called The Madonna with Saint Giovannino by Domenico Ghirlandaio doesn’t only feature what its name suggests. There’s also a strange object hovering in the sky, and if we take the proportion of distance into account, it looks to be quite massive as well.

The Graveyard Baby

A woman that visited her daughter’s grave in 1973 was lucky enough to carry a camera with her, as nobody would believe what she later said if not for the picture proof of it. There was another child that she knew wasn’t hers, sitting right on top of her daughter’s grave, as if trying to make her come out and play.

The Station Ghoul

Japan is well known for its suicide rate, especially in metro stations. These three got together for a regular group selfie, after which they probably screamed once they got to look at it. The scary face of the dead woman just popped out of nowhere, and they sure as hell saw no one around when they were taking the picture.

The Amityville Encounter

Most likely everyone has by now heard of the ominous Amityville house, where all kinds of spirits wander around aimlessly in a constant fashion. This photograph seems like nothing out of the ordinary at first glance, but once you take a better look, you’ll see what makes it so frightening.

The Love of a Mother

You’ve guessed it. The child you can see right below came into the world from the womb of a then deceased woman. The child’s mother passed away a few months before this photo was taken, and she seems to have come back to get some quality pastime with her infant.

The Petrifying Reunion

Back when families had to go to a professional photographer in order to have a group photo, damaged lenses that caused pictures to overlap were a common thing. Then again, the photographer that took this one noticed nothing wrong with his camera, and the mysterious origin of this woman remains unknown to this day.

The Former Resident

While we’re not sure whether this man will choose to live in a house like this, with a look at the rightmost window, we can conclude that he won’t be living alone in any case. The woman in question is most likely the wife or daughter of the previous house owner, and judging by the look of the property, there were ill things going on while she was alive.

The Farm Girl

As Neil Sandbach was visiting a farm in Hertfordshire, England, trying to find a suitable spot for his wedding ceremony, he accidentally took a picture of this ghastly sight. Once he asked the local farmers about the origin of this child, they confirmed that they saw her on the property multiple times. Needless to say, Neil had his wedding elsewhere.

The (H)Armchair of the Dead

Unlike most of the countries today, a lot of places in North America still apply the death penalty to its most evil criminals. This photo was taken as Ted Lucher was finishing up with his maintenance on the electrocution chair. You can clearly see the agonized face of a criminal that died there, as well as a part of his hand on the armrest.

The Stalker

Young and beautiful women aren’t unfamiliar with sick males that would do anything for their attention, but what about dead people? The girl on the right seems to have experienced that as well since this uninvited ghost decided to just grab her shoulder while she was posing for this photograph.