These Guys Opened An Abandoned Nuclear Missile Silo and The Results Are As Expected


A group of guys have decided to crack open the ultimate locked door – a nuclear missile silo left abandoned in Arkansas – and film what they found inside. Of course, breaking into somewhere storing Cold War weaponry is never going to be easy, and the method of opening the silo had to be literally explosive as a result.

GT Hill, a guy with too much time on his hands and a severely overactive sense of curiosity, has made breaking into the abandoned Titan II nuclear missile silo his life’s mission. He actually purchased the plot of land it was situated in for $90,000 and was determined to get in there and restore the place, turning it into the ultimate bat cave.

But breaking in was easier said than done. After all, these places were sealed-off on purpose. So GT needed to open the 6000 pound door by using over 250 tonnes of stagnant water at high pressure. After hours and some negotiation with a crowbar, the team GT had assembled managed to crack it –  and get hit by a torrent of water.

The Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile was designed in 1960 and installed in numerous silos up and down the country during the height of détente tension in the Cold War. Most of these weapons were decommissioned after the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks in the 1980s. The missiles were later used by NASA as a method of payload delivery for the air force, but were retired for good by the 90s.

GT Hill, who runs the YouTube channel Death Wears Bunny Slippers described his mission statement as this: “I’m one of those people that probably won’t ever have a savings account because I’m spending money on ridiculous crap. Well, a Titan II Nuclear Missile Silo seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe I was drunk. Since 2010 I’ve ended up in the hospital a few times and almost died a few others.”

“It’s cool, it’s awesome, let’s dig a big hole. All that’s really neat,” he continues. “But I think psychologically, I really just wanted something that felt warm and safe.”


Honestly, I’ve got to give GT Hill credit for following his dreams and doing anything to make them happen… even if they are completely crazy. But he’s going to do everything he can to renovate the silo and turn it into a decent hangout. It just goes to show that even though the Cold War is over, we still have a fascination with nuclear war. I’ll bet that GT would loveto know what the button to launch a nuclear attack actually looks like. We know, but we’re not telling here!