These Dogs With The Most Unique Coats On Earth Took My Breath Away

These amazing dogs have such unusual colors and markings that once you see them, you’ll never be able to forget them.

Some of these markings are a result of a rare genetic variations or conditions, but all of these dogs are undeniably beautiful.

Of all the adorable and stunning dogs on the Internet, collected and specifically chose the following 33 as the dogs with the most memorable and gorgeous markings!

This sweet husky has a natural little mask.

Everyone *nose* that this puppy has a lot of love to offer!

This is Puck. He’s beautiful Australian Cattle dog mix. He was found as a stray in Baton Rouge and his foster caregiver ended up adopting him!

This dog is a Panda German Shepherd. Panda German Shepherds come from a single bloodline, which does not include White German Shepherds. This coloration is a result of a piebald mutation, which shows up in many species, although the mutation itself is rare.

This is an adorable Akita puppy who is always wearing socks.

This unusual spotted dog bears a resemblance to painted wild dogs of Africa or a cheetah!

African Painted Dogs are wild dogs and an endangered species.

This unusually colored Rottweiler may be due to vitiligo, a condition that causes depigmentation. The cause is unknown.

This sweetie wears her heart on her chest!

A dapper dappled dachshund puppy!

This dog has a very distinguished moustache that looks a lot like detective Hercule Poirot’s.

This little guy looks a lot like a panda.

These Labrador Retrievers have a somatic mutation, which causes yellow labs to show black spots. This mutation is not inherited or passed on to the offspring

Some dogs have lovely markings that resemble familiar shapes.

Just like Groucho Marx.

Gorgeous! These little ones are Mudis, a rare Hungarian herding breed.

These dogs are awesome not only because of their amazing coats, but also because they’re loyal, friendly and loving dogs!

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