These 7 Survival Life Hacks Could Save You In An Emergency


In this video you will learn 7 survival life hacks that could save your life.

1.  If you need some light and a candle isn’t enough, get a soda can, cut the side, fold it out and place the candle in.  The light will reflect and enhance your vision in the dark.

2.  If you need clean water, get a piece of cloth, and two containers.  Put the dirty water in one container and then let it soak through the cloth to the empty container.  In a bit you will have filtered water.  Always remember to boil after.

3.  If you need a cooking fire, take an egg carton and place pieces of charcoal into the slots.  Light a corner and viola.

4.  If you are having a mosquito problem get these household herbs.  basil and rosemary, then place it on your burning egg carton coals and the bugs will fly away!

5.  Ever hear of a solar microwave?  take a small box of food and cut a fold in it.  Line the inner box with aluminum foil and place it at the top.  Put your food inside, and let it sit for a while.  Soon you will have solar powered grilled cheese!

6.  If you ever get lost and can’t find your way home. Grab a small piece of metal such as a needle, and rub it on your clothing.  Get a leaf and pour a little water on it.  Place the needle on the leaf, and it will point North!

7.  If you are ever in need of an emergency oil lamp.  Get an old cloth, and bundle it up.  Grab a soda can and fill it half way up with olive oil.  Place the old cloth in the can and light it on fire.  You will now have a lamp that will last you for hours!

These could come in handy for those in the North East who are about to be pounded by a record breaking snow storm!

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