There’s A Third Person In This Old Photo. But Only A Small Group of People Can Pick It Out


When you first take a glance at the photograph of this couple, you might think they’re standing in a landscape taken from the set of an eerie Tim Burton movie. With the craggy trees and barren landscape, the mood is ominous. But other than that, the couple seems to simply be enjoying a peaceful moment staring out at the calm water in front of them.

But little do they know that a third person is right near them. And they are most certainly not alone…

While your initial reaction will probably concern the couple with their arms around each other, look again. You might see something completely different.

Can you see the stranger hiding among the landscape? The couple definitely doesn’t realize that there is another entity hanging out around them.

Take a look at the entire picture and you should be able to get a good sense of the hidden person.

While this image might look like a photograph, it is actually a clever drawing designed to trick your sense of sight. The artists was able to use the curvature of the landscape and the trees to trick your mind into seeing two images at once – depending on how you look at them.

What if I told you that there is a human baby in the picture of this couple? You might think I sound crazy, but I promise there is a little one in the drawing.

Perhaps, the woman just told the man that she is pregnant with their first child. They are absorbing the weight of the moment and appreciating how much their life is going to change. Or maybe the news has made them see images of babies everywhere. That’s all that is on their mind.

Look again because the curve of the outstretched tree limb and the edge of the shore form the shape of a human baby inside the womb.

Optical Illusionist posted the drawing first. They wrote:

“On first glance you can see this is a black and white picture of a young couple looking across a stretch of water. In the distance there is an island of trees and the couple are also standing next to a tree on the banks of the water. Just a romantic and peaceful scene you might be thinking to yourself with nothing more to see, however there is more to be seen in this image – an outline of a hidden baby in the womb. Can you see it?”


Here are what some people wrote on Optical Illusionist in the comments. Some thought it was “sweet” others labeled it “creepy…”

  • “This is my favorite one. It’s relaxing, yet creepy knowing that a couple is standing in the middle of a womb.”
  • “I see it. That’s really creepy”
  • “I thinks thats a super sweet illusion!! It’s like, so you see two people just standing there, minding their own buisness, and not knowing that theres like this really creepy baby lying in a womb is right above them……Hey, I say its a sign from God, CLEARLY the woman is pregnant…Just goes to show who uses protection and who doesnt. No Glove, No Love!”

“The big baby maybe tells the destiny of the couple or the wish they have. The connection between love, nature and the baby itself ore the interconnection between Love and Evolution, Ontogeny… beautiful!”

What do you think about this creative image and optical illusion?