There’s A Reason Why Pizzas Have That Plastic Table In The Middle And It Makes Total Sense


f you’re human and not a fun hating robot, than you likely enjoy having a delicious pizza delivered right to your door. However, when you open the box, you’ve probably noticed that plastic, tripod looking thing stuck in the middle of your pie.

And while you’re likely used to throwing it away by now without giving it a second thought, have you ever wondered what it’s for? Well, as it turns out it’s actually for a very useful purpose and not some free doll sized patio furniture tie-in.


The device, which has been called a ‘pizza saver,’ was invented by Carmela Vitale of Dix Hills, New York. Vitale filed the patent on February 10th 1983 and was issued one on February 12th, 1985. Carmela still lives in New York state as a local Councillor.

The ‘pizza saver’s’ invention is all based around the science behind pizza boxes. Pizzas are often placed in corrugated cardboard boxes which keeps them warm due to insulation. However, the boxes come with one fatal flaw, the steam created by the pizza can make it soggy.


That’s where the pizza saver comes in. When the box becomes soggy, the center tends to touch down on the pizza, becoming stuck to the cheese.

This can cost your pizza some precious cheese which as we all know, is a definite no no when it comes to pizza consumption.


However, by placing the pizza saver in the center of a pie, the plastic topper prevents the box from touching down on the pizza, allowing us to enjoy every last bite.


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