There’s a Much Bigger NFL Scandal Nobody Is Talking About

The NFL anthem kneelers aren’t just well-meaning patriots with a difference of opinion. The NFL coaches, owners, and executives defending them aren’t simply trying to protect freedom of expression. It’s all indicative of a much deeper rot and a more radical ideology; the scandal runs much deeper, as this next story reveals.

The Capital Research Center reports that the NFL Players Association, which is an affiliate of the major left-wing employee union AFL-CIO, donates a lot of money to radical left-wing organizations and causes, including the so-called “resistance” to Donald Trump’s presidency, under the guise of “charity.”

2nd Vote, a conservative watchdog group, revealed last week that the NFLPA funds groups like Center for Community Change (CCC), which advocates for complete amnesty for illegal immigrants, as well as Working America, a Big Labor organization that promotes far-left “class consciousness.” CCC’s 501(c)(4) “social welfare” arm, the Center for Community Change Action (CCCA), spent $3 million——on Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign last year. Working America, meanwhile, donated more than $4 million and knocked on 2.5 million doors on behalf of Clinton in battleground states.

The activism of NFLPA’s donation recipients has only continued since the 2016 election. They have actively mobilized so-called “grassroots” activists to resist the Trump presidency; in reality the bulk of their funding consists of large donations from a handful of well-connected leftist donors like Soros’ Open Societies Foundation. Deepak Bhargava, for instance, is the executive director of the Center for Community Change; he also sits on the Open Society Foundation’s advisory board.

Working America has mobilized opponents of Trump’s tax plan, calling it the “Trump tax scam.” CCC joined United We Dream—a Soros-sponsored, pro-amnesty campus organization—in nationwide immigration protests leading up to Trump’s inauguration in January. CCC has also actively its efforts with a plethora of other groups on the far-left to mobilize voters for the Democratic Party in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Last month, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and NFLPA president Eric Winston attacked Trump for wading into the controversy. It was obvious enough at the time that their misleading and hysterical statements were partisan instead of simply defending their players, but this latest information sure adds some valuable context to their real motives, doesn’t it?

Good thing for them they’re on the Left, where moral indignation at the right targets automatically trumps (no pun intended) little things that we mortals have to consider, like transparency.

The real takeaway from all this? It was bad enough that a scandal-plagued, billion-dollar entertainment business is getting federal subsidies for sports arenas, but to have taxpayer money to go to such an unworthy recipient that’s also shoveling cash into groups dedicated to tearing America apart is downright sick.

Maybe we can finally do something about that.

From the Daily Wire:

A spokesman from [Republican Senator James] Lankford’s office told The Daily Caller on Sunday that “in the last four weeks interest in the bill has picked up since both members proposed it four months ago.”

The two senators [Lankford and Democrat Senator Cory Booker] said that since 2000, 36 professional sports stadiums have been constructed or revamped under financing provided by federal tax-exempt municipal bonds, costing taxpayers over $3.2 billion. While sports team argue that stadium construction is for the good of the community, the senators say “there is no statistically significant positive correlation between sports facility construction and economic development.”

The true cost is more like $7 billion, reported “Overall, taxpayers have spent nearly $3 billion on the 16 stadiums that will host NFL games during the season’s opening weekend. And over the past couple of decades, we’ve given NFL teams nearly $7 billion total in aid for their stadiums.”

And of course, the rest of us need to stop voluntarily subsidizing the NFL with our views, game attendances, and merchandise purchases. When such a scandal is now clearly visible, something has to change.


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