There’s 1 Strange Detail In Photos of Princess Diana & Prince Charles – Here’s What To Look For

Sure, we’ve all seen pictures of Prince Charles and Princess Diana from back in the day. However, there is something very odd that occurs in most of them – something that’s hardly noticeable if you don’t know about it already.

Yes, they look stunning. Yes, they’re the perfect image of British royalty. But that’s not it….

To the surprise of many, Princess Diana and Prince Charles got engaged in February 1981 after a whirlwind romance. The two were photographed everywhere – from polo events to royal meetings with world leaders – it was clear that they were inseparable.

Shortly after their marriage in July 1981, Diana announced that she was pregnant with their first child. William Arthur Philip Louis was born in June of the following year and the two were smitten – as were the people of Britain. A little more than two years later the couple’s second son, Henry Charles Albert David, was born and they were one big, happy family.

The cameras followed their gorgeous family relentlessly, but many of them failed to capture a common fact in their marriage….

Although both Diana and Charles were the exact same height, photographers only seemed to take pictures of Charles towering over his wife! Picture after picture was published, and they all showed Diana as a petite woman instead of her true frame of 5’10.

While some call it a strange coincidence, others claim it was a downright conspiracy to make Prince Charles seem more “manly” and Princess Diana more “dainty.”

We guarantee now that you’ve seen this strange detail, you won’t be able to “un-see” it ever again!

Oh my, it certainly is interesting…

What do you think about this strange posing phenomenon?