The World’s Largest Rock Is Also A UFO Hotspot and A Time Machine


Giant Rock isn’t just a big stone in the Mojave National Preserve, it’s also the largest rock on the planet, dominating at over 5,800 square-feet and seven stories high. Oh yeah, it’s also a welcoming pad for the upcoming intergalactic space summit. They have a time machine too… you know, no big.


The land around Giant Rock has always been sacred to the Native Americans, but today it’s become a favorite stop for road tripping tourists, and car loads of people hoping to bump into the “tanned” aliens that drop in to meet local earthlings.

In 1947 the land was purchased by a man named Frank Critzer, who believed that the rock was a special place of importance to a race of extraterrestrials in a galaxy far far away. So he decided to begin building his home… under it.

By the late 70s, the home in the grond belonged to George Van Tassel, an author of New Age books, an expert of sorts in all things UFO, and the leader of a self-created religion he named the Ministry of Universal Wisdom.

Van Tassel claimed that many of his books were transcribed from the aliens who would send the information down to him while he sat meditating under the giant rock.

“Van Tassel held UFO conventions at Giant Rock for almost 20 years to raise money for the project that would make Van Tassel a noted man of the region, and was constantly asking supporters for donations. Thousands of believers passed through.In 1959, 11,000 people attended his UFO conventions.” – lucernevalley

One of the blueprints that Van Tassel claims the aliens beamed “sent” to him was instructions for building a time machine that would send healing out to the rest of the human race. Eventually Van Tassel began building the time machine, which he called “The Integratron.” Unfortunately he never finished, though the dome still remains today. 


“Like an automatic car wash, the Integratron was an amalgam of architecture and machine. Its purpose was not to transport a fixed body to a different time, as time machines typically do, but to eliminate time’s effect on a body; the machine produced time, rather than suck it away.”

Today you can visit both the world’s largest rock and the Integratron, which in recent years has been repurposed into “sound baths,” aka a 60-minute sonic healing experience… so in a way Van Tassels dream was kind of realized. 


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