The Weirdest Conspiracy Theory You’ve Ever Heard


It’s no secret that many countries perform secret experiments if the required resources are available. The general populace usually finds out about these experiments long after they’ve finished either through declassified documents or with the aid of whistleblowers. One such case is the Montauk Project..
Government officials deny the project ever took place and say the whole account is made up however the original author Preston Nichols paints quite a different story. He has written several books related to this top-secret project after recovering repressed memories of his own involvement. The project took place at Montauk Air Force Station in Long Island and spanned over the course of several decades. Its main objectives were developing new psychological warfare techniques as well as delving into exotic research, such as time travel and teleportation.
Somewhere in the 1950’s, scientists that had participated in the Philadelphia Experiment decided to continue their research into the manipulation of strong electromagnetic fields in order to achieve and perfect invisibility technology. They prepared a report and presented it to Congress but it was considered too dangerous and rejected. They made a direct proposal to the Department of Defense and promised they would develop an impressive new weapon that induced schizophrenia with the push of a button.
The DoD saw the potential and approved the project, imposing total secrecy. It was funded from a $10 billion cache of Nazi gold captured at the end of WWII in France. When it became fully operational, the base had at least twelve underground levels and housed several hundred scientists and military personnel. The facility even extended under the nearby town of Montauk and was connected to other Deep Underground Military Bases ( DUMB) via a vast tunnel network and fast magnetic levitation trains.
The first order of business was to abduct orphans and homeless people and subject them to powerful electromagnetic radiation. They wanted to test mind control and brain reprogramming but knew that very few test subjects would survive. Many young boys underwent grueling physical and psychological torture. Those who survived were reprogrammed and trained as sleeper cells that could be easily activated and sent into any mission, following orders blindly without a will of their own.
The Montauk Project also enhanced people’s psychic abilities to the point where they were able to materialize objects from nothing. With the help of aliens, they developed a device ( specifically, a chair) which boosted the mental capacity of individuals that used it.
The scientists managed to create a time portal which they used to travel in time and space. It was manipulated and stabilized into a time tunnel which was then used to explore underground martian tunnels. There they discovered cultural archives that had been built by a long-gone martian race. They added the information found to their ever-expanding knowledge.
They used the time tunnel to contact aliens and exchange advanced technology with them, broadening their horizons and their access to hyperspace. On August 12, 1983 they somehow managed to entangle the original Philadelphia Experiment from 1943 and as a result the USS Eldridge was trapped in hyperspace. Two crew members, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron jumped from the ship’s deck while it was stuck in its inter-dimensional travel and wound up 40 years ahead of their time and very disoriented.
The chief director of operations at the Montauk base was Nikola Tesla who had faked his death and lived well into his 120’s. Under his management, complex subliminal message projects and mass psychological experiments were performed. The experiments needed public enforcing and so the ominous Men in Black division was formed, with the objective of instilling fear and confusion among the masses.
Usually, conspiracy theories gain traction because they manage to explain what mainstream science can’t or won’t. While something that required secrecy actually happened at Montauk Air Force Station, the events recalled by Nichols in his book pushed the envelope so far it probably ended up in another dimension.