The Sun Is Not Causing Your Skin Cancer


Recently, this article in the Huffington Post was published warning us about the ravages of skin cancer, the sun, tanning beds and modern treatments. The article’s intent appears to show the world the harsh reality of skin cancer treatment, the harm of the sun and the use of tanning beds. Skin cancer can definitely be very brutal.

But is the sun or the tanning bed really to blame? If not, what really is the cause of the skin cancer epidemic?

The most common form of cancer in the world today according to WEBMD is non melanoma skin cancer. Skin cancer rates have skyrocketed and are literally almost out of control. The mostly widely known solution in our modern era is to wear lots of sunscreen, takes immune suppressing drugs, and get laser or burn treatments. Unfortunately, the Western treatments option never address the root of the issue. Due to this, the sun has gotten a massive amount of blame. But, again, is the sun or even UV rays to blame?


We are not getting the whole picture here. In fact, one of the last things that should be done if you have skin cancer is to put sunscreen on. Going back out into the sun is not the answer either, at least in the short term. However, it is cringe-worthy to hear people say the sun is to blame and that they need to “protect” themselves from it. This simply isn’t true and is misguided. The sun actually protects you against skin cancer in most cases, especially considering the powerful role of vitamin D in the body. Many other reasons exist as to why someone has skin cancer that you don’t hear much about and this discussion will mention what some of those physical and emotional those factors are.


About nine years ago, my own mother had multiple sessions to have basal cell carcinoma cells removed from various parts of her body. From that day forward, she rarely if ever went out into the sun. It never made sense to me how the sun was the problem, especially in my own mother’s case. Skin cancer cases have risen exponentially in the last 100 years. We must start asking why, and continue to search for answers that really make sense. The sun has been around forever, but skin cancer rates have skyrocketed in the last century. Why? The correlation really doesn’t exist. It could even be argued that our ancestors spent even more time in the sun than we do due to working outside more, without sunscreen, and yet, we are indoors even more and still have much high rates of skin cancer. This doesn’t add up, especially not for people like my mom and many others that I have seen clinically with the same problem.


First let’s talk about some of the most damaging physical things that are leading causes of skin cancer and then in PART 2 we will talk about the even more important emotional and consciousness factors leading to cancer.

Cause #1: Toxic Skin Products

One hundred years ago, we had almost none of the toxic skin products we have today. This woman in the photos shows the effects of this drug on her face. My question is this: What types of toxic products have you subjected to your face and skin over the years? One of the main things many women do is to cover their faces every day with blush, foundation, mascara, eye liner, soap, exfoliant, creams, etc… If you look at many of the ingredients on these products, they are super toxic. One of the main physical causes of cancer is toxicity. Toxins are toxic to the body. Toxicity causes cancer. In additional to this we expose our bodies to other toxic things we put on our skin every day such as deodorant, shower soap, shampoo, conditioner, perfume/cologne, shaving cream, lotions and creams. Look at the label of all the products you use. Question what they are made of. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it and then our body circulates these toxins all over. We simply didn’t have these toxins 100 years ago. These things are 100% TOXIC. Additionally, in the article she states that we “wear sunscreen and get a spray tan”. What is in the spray tan liquid? More TOXIC ingredients. Please don’t do the spray tan either.

What price are we paying for using now common skin products and how much has being “beautiful” and “smelling good” cost us and our health? Beauty has a toxic price these days.

Cause #2: Sunscreen Itself

Have you ever looked at the nasty toxic ingredients inside most sunscreens? The irony is that we are using a toxic skin product to protect our skin that is cancerous because of toxicity. Organic alternatives exist that are much healthier. Skin cancer is an inside job primarily, not an outside job (protection from the sun). The whole system/body supports cancer, not just the skin. When we look deeper and we ask if we have good health practices and good emotional health, what is the honest answer?

Cause #3: Sugar

One hundred years ago, the average person in the USA consumed about 5 pounds of sugar per year. Estimates now are that we have in between 130-180 pounds of sugar per year. Almost nothing is more profoundly damaging to the skin than white refined sugar. Sugar is super toxic and actually consumes other vital nutrients within the body. If you have any form of skin cancer, for the sake of your own health, stop consuming all sugar or like sugar products now. Don’t even have a little, or try to tell yourself it is ok and that moderation is acceptable. It is not for those with any form of cancer. Massive amounts of research confirm that cancer feeds on sugar. Since sugar is in everything these days, you must be very label conscious. Keep even fruits to a minimum until you have truly healed. Next to sugar, the other most damaging foods would be all forms of dairy, corn, genetically modified white refined wheat products and poly-unsaturated vegetable oils (what most food is fried or cooked in). These are all disastrous for those with any form of cancer or suspected skin issue.

Cause #4: Lack of Vegetables

Healthy skin is an inside job. A healthy inside will radiate outside to the skin. Vegetables are the most nutrient dense, life-giving foods on the planet. We need at least 6-8 servings of ORGANIC vegetables per day. Most people get 1-2 per day and they are not organic and are filled with toxic pesticides. If you don’t like to eat vegetables, juice them. Juice very health amounts of green leafy veggies including kale, swiss chard, bok choy, collard greens, romaine lettuce, spinach, top of beet leaves, etc… Carrots also are cheap and are great for the skin. We also use very powerful organic whole food supplements by Standard Process such as Regeneplex for the skin and Immuplex for the immune system. We need to support our bodies natural ability to defend itself, not suppress it with drugs. The documentaries Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and The Beautiful Truth are great inspirations about the power of juicing and vegetables.

Getting proper amounts of exercise, chiropractic adjustments, limiting or stopping alcohol consumption, stopping smoking and drinking plenty of filtered water are also important physical factors involved in healthy skin.

Do you get 6-8 servings of veggies per day?

Do you eat sugar, dairy, corn, wheat and poly-unsaturated vegetable oils daily?

Do you wear tons of or expose yourself to toxic skin products every day?

Are you exercising (and sufficiently sweating)?

Please look to these things first before blaming the sun or a tanning bed.


Other things contribute to the health of the skin as well, but the above are some of the bigger factors. The sun is not the problem in most cases. The energy of the sun is life giving. But the sun and the nourishment we get from it are only utilized well with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sunscreen is not the answer folks. We don’t need protection from the sun, we need “protection” from an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are going to the beach, expose your skin to 15-20 minutes of sun and then cover your body up. We don’t need much sun per day to be healthy, and getting more than we need is not health either, but we do need the sun.

Lastly, I am not discounting the fact that exposing yourself to endless hours of sun tanning or tanning beds will definitely increase your chances of skin cancer. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. So let’s say have very moderate healthy exposure to the sun, you avoid the tanning machine, have a very clean and healthy lifestyle and still get skin cancer – what then? What could the problem be then? This can point us to the most important and often times the even more damaging aspects of cancer and skin cancer, which are the emotional and consciousness factors behind this problem. Why did the woman “need” the tanning bed in the first place? Let’s look at what is happening in the mind.