The Satanic Temple Performs The Nation’s First State Sanctioned Satanic Ceremony In History

So much for separation of Religion and State.

In a hypocritical move authorities on December 19, 2015 allowed the Satanic Temple to preform a religious ceremony on the State Capital steps of Lansing Michigan.

As you might recall Federal Judges proclaimed separation of State and Religion back in July of 2015. Meaning no Religious ceremonies on Public Properties.

They want their cake and eat it to. Why is this topic a double standard for one over another.

Monday October 6th 2015 the monument was removed in the middle of the night.

We are truly a nation that is falling apart at its very foundation. If you agree please go and comment or thumb the video down. Our nation was build on religious freedoms and moral values, they are taking a segment of history and twisting it to their benefits while taking our rights to worship away. I hope everyone reading this sees the manipulation these groups are using against our values.

Prayer is being taken out of schools or Florida will allow Satanic Temples into schools.

Taking entrance into schools further the Satanic Temple is also advocating access to our children by way of public action against abusive teachers. All in the name of protecting the children.

Remember this video has falsehoods in it as the Paddle is no longer allowed in school nor the safe rooms. This is all a ploy to gain funding to access children and share the Satanic message to them. No Prayer allowed in schools however the Satanic Cults will be allowed in all public schools in an underhanded designed access.

This is the design on their new One World Religion.

Christian beliefs will be removed and Satanic beliefs instated.

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