The Rockefeller’s and The Hunt of The Unicorn Tapestries

This video is David Rockefeller talking about the Unicorn Tapestries. It is a rare insight into the personality of Rockefeller, at one point while reminiscing about his childhood memories of the tapestries, he starts speaking in an almost childish voice.

David Rockefeller is a founder of the Club of Rome, and is still an executive member, he is former Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, founder of the Trilateral Commission, an executive member of the world economic Forum, a director on the Council for Foreign relations, financier of the Tavistock Institute, and other centers globally that have studied mind control techniques, the psychology of war and mass global hypnotism through the media. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the Bilderberg Group. The land on which the United Nations sits, was donated by Rockefeller.

This man has had a hand in every aspect of everyday life, for every citizen on the planet. He has personally had a hand in the mass enslavement of the masses, through the banking system, and the mind control techniques developed at the centers he finances, he has spent his entire adult life creating a world that serves the global elite, and enslaves the rest of the population. These tapestries may seem unimportant to many, but believe me, the symbolism and hidden esoteric meanings hidden in these tapestries, tell us an awful lot about the Rockefeller Family, and their objectives.

The most well known set of tapestries depicting a Unicorn being hunted are believed to have been made in Brussels (Then part of the Netherlands) between 1495-1505.
Its possible they were commissioned by Anne of Brittany to celebrate her marriage to Louis XII of France, but no one knows their origins for sure. The cipher “AE” is woven throughout the tapestries, this possibly alludes to whoever commissioned them, but no one knows.
Much of their history is a little obscure, but it is known that the La Rochefoucauld family of France owned them for several centuries.
During the French Revolution they were looted, but were recovered in the 1850’s and restored. When they re-appeared one of the seven was badly damaged, and only two segments of it remained. Given they have various dimensions and the composition varies, some scholars have questioned if they were ever intended to be a set, or if they are a composite taken from various sets.
No one even knows what order they are meant to be hung.
John D. Rockefeller  JR

In 1922 John D. Rockefeller Jr purchased six of the seven tapestries for one million US dollars. To give you some perspective as to how much a million dollars in 1922 would be worth today, the West Egg inflation Calculator calculates that one million dollars in 1900, would today be worth $24,613,670.55!!!!

That’s over 24 ½ million dollars in today’s money! Those tapestries must have been mighty important to him!

He later purchased the damaged tapestry from Count Gabriel De La Rochefoucauld, for an undisclosed amount. In an interview David Rockefeller describes the tapestries as one of his father’s greatest and most prized possessions.

The tapestries hung in the Rockefellers New York apartment until 1937; they were then gifted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They now hang in The Cloisters, which houses the museums medieval collection.

In 1998 restoration work started on the tapestries, when the linen backing was removed they found that the colours on the back were much better preserved and more vivid than the colours on the front. A series of high resolution digital photographs were taken at this time. Since January 2002 the tapestry studio at West Dean College has been working on recreating the original tapestries. They are expected to be finished in 2014; they will then be moved to Stirling Castle, where they will be hung in The Queens Presence Chamber.

Four of the Tapestries have already been completed, and now hang in the Queens Chamber in the Royal Chapel in Stirling Castle.


This link is Stirling Castles official web site, and they have this to say about the tapestries

“We know that James V had two sets of tapestries featuring unicorns. Tapestries were extremely expensive and were prized by the wealthy elites of the European Renaissance.”

I’ll bet they were, and the hidden meanings and symbology of those tapestries would have been even more prized to them!

James V of Scotland was the Father of Queen Mary, and her son James VI of Scotland went on to become James I of England and Scotland.

Since the reign of King Robert III of Scotland in the late 1300s, the Unicorn has been a part of that country’s official emblem. When James VI of Scotland (19th June 1566-27th march 1625) became James I of both England and Scotland in 1603 upon the death of Elizabeth I (who died childless and, therefore, with no direct heir), he drew up a new royal coat-of-arms which included both the traditional English Lion and the Scottish Unicorn. The English Arms had used a variety of supporters throughout its history, but had most frequently featured the Lion.

James I placed a Lion on the left of the new Arms and a Unicorn on the right. This was a potent show of symbolism, for the Lion and the Unicorn had long been regarded as deadly enemies, both being considered as King of the Beasts, the Unicorn ruling through harmony and the Lion through might. The newly instituted coat-of-arms came to represent reconciliation between the Scottish Unicorn and the English Lion that the two should share the rule. This is the official version of how the Unicorn became part of the English coat of arms; I will later examine the use of the Unicorn in more detail. What the ruling elite tell the masses, and the real meanings are rarely the same.



Prince William’s coat of arms



Knight’s Templar coat of arm. Since the 1600’s the United Kingdom has as its official Coat of Arms, a variation of the Templar’s Arms

On Friday the 13th of October 1307 King Philip of France began his persecution of the Knights Templar, it is believed that many were fore warned that he was about to have them arrested, and many of them fled to Scotland. Despite Philips exhaustive searches for the Templars vast wealth and possessions, none were ever found. It is believed that the wealth and possessions also went to Scotland at that time.


Scotland is of course the Freemason capital of the world, and the Scottish Rite Freemasonry was formed there reportedly in the 18th century. The Scottish Freemasons are believed to have formed from the Knights Templar that fled there in 1307.

It is too much of a coincidence that the Templars and Unicorns arrived in Scotland at the around same time!

The tapestries are woven in wool, silk and metallic threads, and depict 101 species of plants, 85 of which have been identified.

The six tapestries which hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Depict the following.

1 The hunters enter the woods.

2 The Unicorn is found

3 The Unicorn is attacked

4 The Unicorn and the maiden (this is the damaged tapestry)

5 The Unicorn defends itself

6 The Unicorn is killed, and brought to the Castle.

7 The Unicorn in captivity, no longer dead.

On the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s web site, David Rockefeller can be seen in an interview talking about the tapestries. In it he says that his father told him the Unicorn represented Christ.



The Constellation Monoceros

The Unicorn is the constellation Monoceros, which is only visible in Winter, it lies behind Sirius (ISIS) and Orions belt (OSIRIS).
In Egyptian mythology Isis and Osiris give birth to Horus, the Christ, Sun God. The Unicorn represents the Christ, and from the Middle Ages onwards Christians, who bastardised Egyptian mythology for their own ends, seen the Unicorn as symbolic of their Jesus Christ.



The unicorn (constellation Monoceros) is the Christ, only visible in the winter months in the North of our sky, then it disappears from view, re-appearing again the following winter, and so appears to die, but then is re-born again the following winter (DEC 25, birth of Christ) Which also coincides with the winter solstice, where the Sun is re-born.




As David Rockefeller says in the interview, he always understood the Unicorn to represent Christ.
The tapestries depict the Unicorn being killed, and then miraculously in the final tapestry it is alive again.
It sits surrounded by pomegranates, which represent blood, and it is in captivity, it is chained and no longer free. The pomegranate from ancient times represented bloodline and fertility, and to the ruling aristocracy bloodline is of paramount importance.
I believe this set of tapestries were of immense importance to the Rockefeller Family, as the Unicorn in captivity to them, was symbolic of their control and enslavement of the Christ energy. When I say Christ I do not mean the fictional character Jesus, who the ruling elite invented. The word Christ means anointed one. And the Christ energy is that energy that exists in the Universe, that epitomises all that is pure and good.
Through their manufactured religions, the global elite have been able to harness the energy they associate with the Christ energy, it is under their domain, and is effectively tethered and captive.
I have covered this at length in my Prince William and the Unicorn videos, the Unicorn is also prominent on the British Coat of arms, and Prince William’s personal Coat of Arms. Again the Unicorn is restrained by a chain. The official explanation for this is that left unchained the Unicorn could be a dangerous beast!
Dangerous to whom I wonder!
William’s coat of arms differs from previous Royal Coats of Arms, in that on his the lion and Unicorn are standing on pomegranates, just like the Unicorn in the final tapestry.
I clearly see this as blatant symbolism, used by them, to covertly let it be known that they have ownership of the Christ energy, they control it, it is completely their captive, and the only thing we pheasants will know of it, is what they tell us through their corrupt and manufactured religions.
I am of course not just referring to the Rockefellers and the British Royal Family, Im referring to the entire inbred bloodsucking, parasitic band of them. The entire Elite (EL as in ELOHIM). They are not many families, they are all one, and they control every aspect of global affairs.
And one of the primary jewels in their crown, is the enslavement of the masses through their invented religions, which are all astrologically based, and were designed not to bring man to his true spiritual potential, but to take him further away from it.
Over a year ago I started my journey of discovery, which began with the British Royals fixation about the Unicorn, its been hidden in plain site for hundreds of years, every official British Government document bares the Coat of arms of the British Royals, and the tethered Unicorn is prominent on that coat of arms, and has been since the reign of James I, who incidentally was responsible for the re-writing of the bible, and the King James Version of the Bible is still the most commonly read bible in the world.
The King James Version, unlike any other bible, mentions the Unicorn a staggering 9 times!
Now let us look at each of the tapestries.




1.   The hunters enter the woods
The scout in a tree (upper right corner), motions for his companions to follow.
Six men and five dogs, go in search of the Unicorn. The number six is symbolic of the search for spiritual enlightenment. The Unicorn is the symbol of enlightenment, and they are going in search of it, not to find enlightenment, but to kill it.
In Pythagorean numerology five is the number of chaos. Order/disorder and life/death. “Order out of Chaos is the motto of the ruling global Elite. They create chaos, so that they can impose their order.
  1. The Unicorn is found

The Unicorn is symbolic of the constellation Monoceros (Latin for Unicorn). The Constellation of Monoceros is on the celestial equator of the Milky Way. The Ancients viewed the Milky Way as the great Heavenly River. Egyptians equated the Nile, as the Earthly equivalent. The Unicorn is basking in the flow from the fountain, the Unicorns horn has the water from the fountain cascading over it. The horn of the unicorn has great esoteric meaning, as it was always thought to have many magical attributes, and in medieval times, many actually believed in the existence of the Unicorn, and the wealthy elite of the time paid large sums to purchase what they believed to be unicorn horns.

Whatever the meaning of this scene, the Noblemen watch the Unicorn, but do not attack, according to traditional beliefs; the unicorn cannot be disturbed while performing a magical act. So whatever the Unicorn is doing is viewed as a sacred act.

The unicorn’s horn was thought to be an antidote to poison and this tapestry has marigolds, an orange tree, and sage, all known in the Middle Ages to be antidotes to poisoning. It appears as if the Unicorn is purifying the water with its magic horn.

In the top right you can see a castle, indicating that the hunters have came from the castle, in the sixth tapestry they return to the castle, this suggests that the hunters are aristocrats.

The twelve hunters are the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

A hare sits in front of the Unicorn, in front of the constellation Monoceros is the constellation Lepus, which is represented by a hare, and often the Egyptian God Set is associated with the hare.

In this tapestry the Unicorn appears to have no ears, this could be symbolic of the fact that because the Unicorn is carrying out a sacred act, it is oblivious to what is happening around it. The old saying “hear no evil” springs to mind.



  1. The Unicorn is attacked.

In this tapestry the hunters attack the Unicorn, the Unicorn is in a stream, again symbolic of the celestial river of the Gods, the Milk Way, which is home to the Monoceros constellation. In esoteric terms the Unicorn depicted in the actual river gives this scene a very ritualistic nature.

I am reminded of the paintings of The Battle of The Boyne, (1690) which was not a battle but a ritual, acted out by King William III and King

James II, at the end of the ritual William was King of England, Scotland and Ireland. He is commonly depicted on a white horse, his sword in the air, forming what appears to be a single horn on the horses head, making it look like a unicorn as he merges into the Boyne River, which is the ritualistic initiation.

King William rode a black horse, this was commonly known, still he is always depicted on a white horse. This is a prime example of the European aristocracy of that time associating themselves with the harnessed energy of the Unicorn or Christ energy.



King William III, known in Ireland as King Billy, on his big white Unicorn at the ritual that was acted out as a battle. James & William both left the ritual unscathed, as was planned in advance,  William went back to England, James to France, and the Irish have been fighting ever since!

The Unicorn is symbolic of purity, and that divine energy that many call God. The hunters are the evil ones who will sacrifice their souls for its capture.

Four men are actively attacking the beast; four is symbolic of the four Cardinal directions, North, South, East and West, the four seasons, and the four elements. In the book of Revelation the four horsemen of the apocalypse bring about the destruction of mankind.

The two men in the top left, appear to be doing nothing other than observing, possibly the hunters are acting under orders from these Noble men. Although Nobel hardly seems a just description!

The Unicorn has a wound on his back, the blood mingles with the sacred water, he is trying to escape his encircling enemies. Horns are blowing, dogs barking, and lances are aimed at it. The castle is again seen in the back round, this time to the right. In a close up of the castle, very sinister looking aristocrats can be seen watching the scene. This can be seen in the attached Rockefeller video.(Link at the top of blog)

The bridge in this picture is most interesting, in the Universe where the Galactic and Ecliptic mid planes intersect, there are two gateways.

One is the Golden gate which we pass through at death; the other is the Silver gate that we pass through at birth. The silver gate is also known as the gate of man. This gateway is synonymous with the Unicorn, as its horn points directly to the gateway in the cosmos. Possibly the bridge represents this gateway.



  1. The Unicorn and the Maiden

This is the tapestry that was damaged, that Rockefeller bought separately from the rest. The myths about the unicorn say that it will risk capture, even death, just to be wooed by a virgin maiden. In this tapestry it seems to have escaped the hunters, the wound on its back is visible, one of the hunting dogs is licking the wound, and the unicorn appears unconcerned about his wounds, and it seems quite ecstatic to be in the company of the maiden. Christians read this as the maiden representing the Virgin Mary, and the Unicorn Jesus. If we look at the constellation Monoceros, we see that Monoceros straddles the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. To the Ancient Egyptians Sirius was represented by the Goddess ISIS. The constellation that we know as Orion to the Egyptians was Osiris, (The hunter), who was both husband and brother of ISIS. Between them they gave birth to the sun God Horus, which I believe later came to be represented by Monoceros.


During the Medieval period the church demonised astrology, however the elite who were responsible for enforcing the churches rules thought it was OK that they use it! Then as now, it was one rule for them, and another for the masses.

The flower most commonly associated with Isis is the white Lily, and the tapestries are awash with white lilies. White lilies are also symbolic of the demonic Goddess Lilith, who was the first Eve, as record by the most ancient of the Hebrew texts. It is said that the European elite still worship this entity, and offer blood sacrifices to her.

Just North of the constellation Monoceros lies Canis Minor (Canis=Dog), to the Egyptians this was the home of the Goddess Nephtys, sister of Osiris and Isis, and husband of Set, who was also a brother! Nephtys was thought to be a healer. So I take this tapestry to mean that the maiden is ISIS, and the dog represents her sister Nephtys the constellation Canis Minor and the healer. The hunter about to pounce is to the left.


  1. Unicorn defends itself

In this tapestry notice how the Unicorn is depicted with cloven hooves. If you search Google images for Unicorn, you will find that they are most commonly depicted with hooves like a horse, the only occasions they are depicted with cloven hooves, is when they are the unicorn that depicts the constellation Monoceros, or on the heraldry of the Elite. The British Royals and the Rothschild’s are just two examples that use the Unicorn from Monoceros on their heraldry. And like the tapestries, they most commonly depict them in chains. The Unicorn in the tapestries also sports a small beard, more like a Goat than a Unicorn. In the heraldry of the aristocracy, they often present one animal, but depict it with characteristics of other animals, so that they end up with an animal that on first sight appears to be one thing, but on close inspection seems to be a mix of many things. To them the attributes of this conglomeration of animals is symbolic of the attributes of their family, and the entities they pay homage too.



The Knight’s Templar arrested  by King Philip of France, admitted
worshipping Baphomet. Although it is said  they were tortured into the confessions

The cloven hooves and beard are the characteristics of a Goat, and their god Baphomet is depicted as half goat half human.

There are nine men in this tapestry; to Satanists nine is the number of death and sacrifice. Mark 15 v 34-37 says that Jesus died in the ninth hour. Jesus is just one of the avatars that the elite invented to reap the spiritual energy of the masses, and Christians have long associated Jesus with the Unicorn.

Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, (340-397) said “who is the Unicorn but the only begotten Son of God”.

The nine men most likely represent the ninth hour that Christ supposedly died.

Six of the men are carrying spears/lances, one man is holding an axe, no doubt he is the one that will take the Unicorns horn off.

The Unicorn has stabbed the dog with its horn, Again the stream runs in the foreground of the tapestry, and oddly there seems to be a number of birds in the stream, but only one bird in the sky.



  1. The Unicorn is killed and brought to the castle:

This is actually two pictures combined into one. To the left we see the murder of the Unicorn, and to the right the Unicorns dead body, strewn over a horses back, minus its horn is being presented to the aristocrats who presumably live in the grand castle.


The Kill: In the back round we see a holly tree, the myths and legends associated with the holly date back to the Romans worship of Saturnalia. Around the 17th of December to celebrate the festival of Saturn, they would send holly boughs and other gifts to their friends. This also celebrated the Winter Solstice. This is just one of the pagan customs that Christians hijacked and re-wrapped! The founder of the Christian religion as we know it, was the Roman Emperor Constantine, who despite inflicting the religion on the pheasants who made up the Roman Empire, remained a Pagan himself. Christians argue that he converted on his death bed…….Some people will believe anything. J

The constellation Monoceros has Canis Minor above it, and Canis Major below it, and in this scene with unicorn has a dog above it, and a dog below it. The Satanic elite love to reverse things so that they can hide things in plain sight. DOG reversed GOD. The dog on the Unicorns back looks like it is licking the unicorns wound, like the dog in the “Unicorn and the maiden” tapestry.

Spears have been driven into the Unicorns neck and chest, and it has wounds on its back and hind. This scene is very tragic; the evil has killed the Christ, and all that is good.

The Presentation: To the right the Unicorn is being presented to the Lord and Lady, could be King and Queen, we are given no clues about their rank, although they are clearly aristocrats. A very curious looking crowd looks on. Kind of like a 16th century Bilderberg group! They have ordered the execution of this magical beast, and yet the lady holds rosary beads in her hand! A little like the shadowy elite of today, who wear the cloaks of many religions, but the facet of themselves that they present to the masses is far removed from the truth of their real nature.

The video shows close ups of the faces of those looking on from the castle, and they look like conspirators, while hiding in the shadowy back round, they have killed the Christ, and taken possession of it. Then as now these people send their trained assassins out to do their dirty work.

To the right we also see a gateway, an arch, silver/grey in color. This may seem innocuous to most observers, but this is most important.


The celestial Silver gate, which souls pass through when coming from the Heavens to Earth. The unicorns horn points directly to it.

In our Universe, where the Galactic and Ecliptic mid-planes intersect, the ancient Egyptians put gateways.
The gateways mark the entry point of our souls at birth and death.
The Silver Gate is the Milky Way ecliptic crossing at the Gemini-Taurus nexus. It is most often represented by horns, as it lies squarely between the horns of the Taurus bull. Isis is often depicted with horns on her head; this is representative of the horns of Taurus, and the Silver gateway we pass through into this life.
The Silver gate of birth, lies to the North east of the Unicorns horn, and as you can see, this silver arch is also the  Northeast of the Unicorn.
This is the official Vatican flag, this is their way of letting the sheeple know they have to keys to the gateways of life and death, but they are not about to share it with the unwashed masses!
The Golden Gate (arch) is the ecliptic Milky Way crossing at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus on the zodiac, and we pass through this gateway at death into the next life. Probably no accident that McDonalds uses a double golden gateway as their symbol!
  1. The Unicorn in captivity:

This is probably the most tragic of the seven tapestries. The Unicorn has miraculously come back to life; it is surrounded by a fence, and tethered to a palm tree. The Unicorn is symbolic of all that is pure and good, yet it is enslaved, probably by the shadowy elite from the previous tapestry.

It has red stains all over its coat, this is not blood, its pomegranate juice, and the Unicorn is surrounded by the plant with its many associations to bloodline and fertility. The fence is small and fragile, the chain it is tethered with could easily be broken, but still the Unicorn sits in its prison. Its as if the unicorn totally accepts its servitude, it has lost its will for Freedom. Could it be that the unicorn has been drugged by the pomegranates that surround it, has it been stupefied to the point that it is content with its mundane existence?

The only other creature in this tapestry is a frog, and in the middle ages frogs were associated with witches and their spells, is the Unicorn under some kind of spell?

The wild orchid, also synonymous with fertility is also in this scene, back then the world was not as densely populated as it is now, mortality rates were high, and the peasants were encouraged to reproduce.

There are also violets, Roman and Greek myths recount a tragic story of one of the goddess Diana’s (Artemis) nymph companions, all of whom had sworn to stay maidens. (Virgins) The nymph was unrelentingly chased by Diana’s twin brother, Apollo, so that Diana changed the nymph into a violet to protect her. The modesty of the nymph is attributed to the violet.

So again the Unicorn has been associated with the virgin maiden.

The most interesting plant is the Scottish Thistle given Scotland long association with the Unicorn.

To summarise, whoever commissioned these tapestries had to be very wealthy, then as now the global elite think that wisdom and knowledge is their prerogative. The occult wisdom that they have has insured they stay in power, we are many, they are few, yet they have had complete power and dominion over us. And it is their aim to keep us all stupefied and in servitude.

I also believe that they see the constellation of Monoceros as their “Sion” in the galaxy, and they are creating there Sion on Earth, and the enslaved Unicorn is symbolic of their Earthly Sion. Sion for them maybe, not for the rest of us!

These tapestries clearly demonstrate that they even believe they have dominion over the Christ energy, but times are changing, the veils are lifting, the internet has given us all access to the knowledge that they have been hiding. THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

I am sure that there are many people who will not see the importance of these magnificent tapestries, when they were created the un-washed masses would have had no clue as to their true meaning, they have been on public display since 1937, and I believe I am the first to examine their true meanings.

The enslaved unicorn represents the enslavement of all mankind, and all that is good, these days they do it with drugs, TV/media, education/indoctrination, and vaccines. This keeps the masses dumbed down and servile, just like the perfectly content enslaved Unicorn.
“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers…. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”Aldous Huxley

“Within the next generation I believe that the world’s leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.”

On 21 October 1949, Huxley wrote to George Orwell, author of Nineteen Eighty-Four, congratulating him on “how fine and how profoundly important the book is”. In his letter to Orwell, he predicted the above quote. Source Wikipedia!

I have been working on this for over a year, and I have compiled a great deal of information on the subject, the tapestries covered in this blog, are just a small part of my study of the elites use of the Unicorn.

My series of vids on You Tube, “Prince William and the Unicorn”, give a lot more insight into the subject, and the findings of my research so far. It is an on going project.

The Rockefellers “Hunt for the Unicorn” tapestries, I felt deserved a blog of their own.

Sandra Barr
The wonderful Aaron Russo exposing the Rockefeller’s plans for humanity. This is a ten minute section of a 69 minute interview, where he reveals that the Rockefeller’s want every person on the planet micro-chipped. He also testifies that Nick Rockefeller told him about 9/11 eleven months before it happened. Russo was a personal friend of Nick Rockefeller, sadly Aaron died shortly after this interview from bladder cancer.

The Unicornis Manuscript, by Michael Green I have just come across this and ordered it, every time I think I have come to the end of my “Unicorn” research…something new crops up!

THE UNICORN IN CAPTIVITY by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Please feel free to distribute this information, it has been written with the express aim to be circulated, but please credit the author.

The tapestries from Stirling Castle


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