The Ring of Fire Is Heating Up: M6.1 Earthquake Strikes Off New Zealand Just Hours After Deadly M7.1 Earthquake Near Mexico City

The strong earthquakes are popping like crazy along the Ring of Fire!

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off of New Zealand on Tuesday night, just hours after the deadly M7.1 earthquake killed at least 119 people in Mexico.

A M6.1 earthquake hit 256km W of Auckland Island, New Zealand on September 20, 2017. This was the second powerful quake within 7 hours on the “Ring of Fire” zone in the Pacific Ocean after that M7.1 near Mexico City.

Now 12 hours later, a M6.1 earthquake hit Honshu, Japan on September 20, 2017. That’s the third powerful quake within less than 24 hours to hit the Ring of Fire at total different places around the globe.

The underwater earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 magnitude struck in the remote Southern Ocean south of New Zealand on Wednesday.

The quake, at a shallow depth of 10km, was recorded 211km west of the sub-Antarctic Auckland Island, off New Zealand’s South Island.

There were no tsunami warnings issued immediately after the quake.

Just seven hours before, a deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Mexico City. At least 119 people were killed and the numbers are growing every hours:

Part of Colegio Enrique Rebsamen, an elementary school in Mexico City, collapsed following the powerful M7.1 earthquake

Emergency workers applaud after rescuing a person trapped underneath the rubble of a building collapsed by the earthquake in Mexico

After the largest earthquake in 6 years in Illinois, yesterday, we are allowed to ask where the next BIG ONE will be… What about Cascadia? Or the New Madrid Fault?