The Real Reason The West Is Pushing War With Russia

There is so much talk about war these days. Many believe WWIII has already begun given how many nations are involved in fighting around specific issues. But in truth it all comes down to how we look at it and we must also remember how much war is used as a means to create fear/control as well as drive up the economy for certain corporations and power interests.

Now it’s no secret that oil has been a big part of many of the ongoing wars over the past few decades. The threat of terrorism has also been, but in a manipulative way. Those who have tracked the investigations into 9/11 that followed the event know that the official story we have been told is false, so why did we hear a lie? Why were we told something happened that didn’t and what sort of enemy was created as a result?

This is where things get interesting because we can begin to understand what really goes on with much of this conflict and why ‘allied’ parties fund opposition parties in the war to keep it going. But more on this later.

Syria doesn’t have a huge oil reserve, so why would this be of interest? Why is the US pushing so hard for a regime change in Syria? Why are they funding a civil war in Syria?

Hint – It’s the same reason they sponsored a coup in Ukraine. And it’s why Russia has dug its heals in and is standing in the way.

Two natural gas pipelines travel from the Middle East and into Syria right where it enters a port that leads to Europe. The Russia backed pipeline runs from Iraq and into Syria, while the one that is US backed runs from Qatar.

Why Is It Good To Know This?

The more we understand how our world really functions ,the more we can begin to see through the lies and manipulation being used to control us and keep us down. This isn’t about us vs them and having to fight back, it’s about KNOWING. When you become aware you begin to see the world very differently and ultimately you make different choices. You no longer just follow along your daily actions robotically, you think about things, you get in touch more with YOU and your own stream of thought.

This is a shift in consciousness that helps to change the way we think as a whole, and as we do that physical changes follow in our world. With a new way of thinking and seeing things we take different actions. Often times we also venture onto a spiritual path of exploring more about who we truly are and what it means to be human. This is ultimately what drives the greatest change and it can start with seeing our world more clearly vs blindly following it or avoiding what’s really going on.

What Can We Do?

Stay awake, stay aware. These can be important factors. Further, you can share alternative views and perspectives with others to help people see the world differently. If you think it doesn’t work or is meaningless, look at what has happened over the past year. Independent media and alternative viewpoints have gotten so big and powerful over the mainstream media that things aren’t playing out in the world as expected. This has caused power structures to change the way they do everything in order to combat a populous that is waking up. They are in fight mode, but it’s important we don’t enter it.

Again, this isn’t about a war or fighting, but about doing what we can to continue to shift our consciousness and find peace in our world. All of that change starts within each of us. So as you see through the world more clearly everyday, remember that others will begin to see that that too the more we peacefully and lovingly share information with them. Remember, as we begin to awaken more, that action will be taken to create a better world on the ground. But that action is born from a shift in our awareness, our consciousness.


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