The Real Life Exorcism of Anneliese Michel That Scared Millions Around The Globe

If you have ever seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose, then it is likely that you believed it to be fiction rather than reality. However, the film was actually based on the real account of Anneliese Michel.

Anneliese was born to a German family in 1952 and was raised up in a very strict, Catholic home. However, despite her being a seemingly perfect, young, Catholic girl, she had her first episode at the age of 16. By the time she was 23-years-of-age and in school in Klingenberg, her family believed that she was possessed by sex demonic spirits. 

Anneliese described the first time she had an episode as a feeling of something paralyzing her and holding her down. Doctors felt as though the accounts were seizures due to epilepsy. Throughout the next few years, she continued to have the same episodes, in spite of seemingly normal brain scans.

By 1973, the events had escalated to her hearing knocking noises in her room, along with a voice which damned her to hell. And while her accounts of the events were bad enough, her mother explained to someone later that she had seen her daughter staring at a statue of the Virgin Mary with jet black eyes. And Anneliese told her doctor that she felt as though the “devil was inside of her.”

None of the medical treatments provided made her better, so her family decided to try something different.

It was due to their belief that she was possessed by demons that caused her to go through an astounding 67 exorcisms within 9 months before she finally passed due to starvation. During the entire account, the young girl was recorded and the sounds are terrifying. At the end, right before her death, she explained to her mother, “I’m afraid.”

Horrifically, throughout the exorcisms, Anneliese would eat coal, lick her own urine, and tear off her own clothing. According to reports, the demons that were supposedly found inside of her were Cain, Judas Iscariot, Nero, Hitler, Fleischmann, and Lucifer. Later, after her death, the priests that had performed the exorcisms on Anneliese were charged with her death. They were sentenced to three years of probation for their crimes.