The Mysteries Surrounding The Grave of Lady Diana – Haunting The Royal Family

Who still rely on her burial?

Buried at Althorp, the mystery surrounds her grave. It is one of the most secret places in the British monarchy. Only Princes Harry and William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and the Spencer family can go there, as was the case on 1 July (anniversary of the birth of Diana ).

It is said that the vegetation has moved all round, almost concealing the tomb of Lady Diana. It can be accessed only by boat (a wooden bridge was temporarily built for the passage of Diana’s coffin on September 6, 1997, then carried by eight soldiers of the Princess of Wales regiment).

This small island called The Oval is drawn in the middle of Lake- The Round Oval, 250 meters north of Althorp, the historic home of the Spencer since the 16th century, located in Northampton-shire, in the center of England. It is there that the Princess of Wales has been resting since twenty years now in the shade of oaks, willows and birches. Such was the wish of his brother, Count Charles Spencer, heir to the immense property, who thus wished to protect Lady Diana from the outsiders and damages. It  is totally inaccessible.

Prince Charles had wanted Lady Diana, A princess inheritance of Katia Alibert published at First Document, his ex-wife to be buried at Windsor Castle, but Queen Elizabeth II refused as well as the Spencer. He therefore allowed Diana’s brother to handle the details of the burial.

On September 6, 1997, the day of Diana’s funeral, the gates of Althorp, opened in the afternoon to let in the hearse covered with flowers. Once in the aisle, the royal banner was removed and replaced by the white, red and gold standard of the Spencer family.

Only the relations attended the event. Charles and his sons had arrived an hour earlier on board the royal train, still under the grip of emotions. They sat silently, waiting for the coffin. Count Spencer declared, “Diana is at home.” No one answered.

Then they proceeded to the burial. The Princess left behind her Mother Teresa’s rosary, the cards of her nieces, her nephews and her two sons. She will be quiet for all of eternity. Princes William and Harry used to go to his grave on July 1st or August 31st yearly, the date of her departure. The grave moment is always a sad period for the royal family as the memories of their beloved angelic princess is always fresh in the hearts. The wish the grave never existed.