The “Muscle Of The Soul” Is The Source Of Your Fear And Anxiety


Your body is full of bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, and countless other little moving parts that make up your body, but there’s one that may be more important than any other: the psoas major muscle. It’s sometimes called the “muscle of the soul” because it’s crucial in stabilizing your body and effects everything from mobility to balance to flexibility. It’s such a large muscle that when fully stretched and relaxed, the tension released from the muscle can improve your connection to the present moment.

Some research has shown that the psoas is crucial to our psychological wellbeing and physical health. The muscle stretches from the legs to the spine. It’s actually the only muscle that connects the legs to the spinal column. It begins at the T12 vertebrae and follows down the five lumbar vertebrae before meeting the leg at the thigh.

The psoas tends to get tense due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles or by sometimes being very active but not stretching nearly enough. Relieving the psoas’s tension can alleviate your fear and anxiety. Here are some excellent stretches to keep it limber and relaxed: