The Most Interesting Facts About Humans


Rare Natural Hair Color

Natural red color of hair is the rarest hair color among all others in the world. If you do not belong to this small amount you still can find or develop some of your hidden talents to stand out from the crowd.

Standing Upside Down

On planet Earth, there are only two mammal species that can stand on their heads. They are the elephant and the human. The truth is, not every human can do this without some training.

Electrical-Impulse Generation

A human brain generates more electrical impulses in a single day than all the telephones of the world put together.

Smoking Kills, Leeches Too

If you live with leeches, be aware of it is extremely dangerous for them to suck blood of a smoker. So please choose either smoking or leeches.

The Power of Human Brain

Have you ever tried to guess what the capacity of the human brain is? Here is the answer: the human brain exceeds 4 terabytes. By the end of life, an average person remembers approximately 150 trillion bits of information.

Seeing Differently

Did you know that Americans and people living in Asia see things differently? Recent studies have shown that color vision depends on the race. For instance, more than half of Europoids are more sensitive to the red color and can differentiate more tints of red.

Danger of Ballpoint Pen

Each year approximately 100 people die choking on ballpoint pens. Do you think ink pens are less dangerous?

Tongue and Elbow

No matter how flexible your body is, you won`t be able to lick your elbow. But don`t be upset – you are not the only one. No one can do that because of anatomic reasons.

Immediate Renovation

A huge number of body processes take place every single moment of your life. And 50,000 cells in your body die, and are replaced by new ones at the time, by the time you have finished reading this sentence. Should you want more cells to be replaced, just keep reading. We make a new skeleton every three months and a new layer of skin every month.

Riding Donkeys or Flying in Airplanes

What would you prefer? Before making your choice, you might want to know that each year more people are killed by donkeys on than being killed in plane crashes.

Hat and Heat

Are you someone who loves to feel warmth being outside? You should know how to keep yourself warm. You can save up to 80% of the heat of the human body. This is an amount of heat that comes out from the head. Do not forget about covering other parts to keep the rest of warmth.

Want to Live Longer?

Right-handed people live on average 9 years longer than those who mostly use their left hand.

Move Your Ear

Only third of those who can move their two ears can do the same with only one. Do you belong to any of these two groups?

Would You Like to Enlarge Your Organ?

Did you know that a certain human body organ can increase in its size 7-14 times compared to a normal condition? However it cannot be enlarged intentionally. You probably already know that we are talking about your eye pupil, right?


Next time when you sneeze, track how your body functions perform. You may be surprised to know that they stop for the moment you sneeze. Even the heart stops beating.