The Monsters Among Us

There are monsters among us. Theses are just a few of them. And the fact is, if the FBI would do its job, there would be indictments and perp walks for every single one of these hardcore criminals.

And with rumors today from Anon that Tony Podesta has turned himself in, and John Podesta preparing to do so, maybe, just maybe, justice will soon be served.

SGT Report truly does their best to put out accurate information. Living during this plague of corporate media lies that has even infected alternative media sites such as TYT, it is always important to give a shout out to the smaller media outlets attempting to cover accurately the unfolding events in our country and around the world.

I believe about a half dozen of my contacts have now been interviewed by SGT. I will attach links to a couple of SGT’s recent videos below that are just now up on YouTube. Good insight into Hillary, the Podesta’s and the recent events in Saudi Arabia.