The Lid On Your Glad Food Container Has A Secret Second Purpose

Imagine you’re minding your own business, wrapping up the leftovers from your afternoon chopped salad, and you discover that on the underside of the container lid is a secret, hidden lid, where you cup of ranch dressing fits ever so perfectly. That’s exactly what happened with this women, who discovered a new kitchen hack using her Glad container lid. She shared her discovery on her Facebook page in a post that’s gone viral, with over 32,000 likes, more than 180,000 shares, and more than 45,000 comments. In other words, people have lost their sh*t over a Glad container lid. Here’s what went down.

Sarah Rose was packing a nice little snack for herself in a Glad plastic container — which included tiny cups of what appear to be green beans in some kind of yellow goo, but nobody knows for sure — and while she was doing so, she came to a mind-blowing realization: the little circle in the middle of the Glad lid is not there merely for decorative purposes — it’s functional and serves as a secondary lid for a smaller container of salad dressing, sauce… or green beans in yellow goo.

Rose was so astonished that she had to share the experience on Facebook; and everyone seemed to be just as intrigued as she was. Let’s be honest with ourselves: this could change the face of leftovers and work lunches as we know it.

This revelation has turned our world upside-down; but in a boardroom somewhere, Glad executives are sitting around a table looking at Rose’s Facebook post, scratching their heads in confusion — because the lids have been marketed that way all along. OK, fine — so that means it’s not technically a hack. The Glad To Go Lunch containers come with a tiny cup that snaps into the lids, perfect for dressings or condiments. Thanks to Glad, you can keep your whole meal in one place and prevent the food from getting soggy before you’re ready to eat it.

Ziploc and Rubbermaid also sell to-go food containers, but neither brand offers a pop-in dressing cup, as far as we can tell.

Remember those days when you used to have to pack your ranch in a separate container? No more. No more.

I was as flabbergasted as everyone else; so I decided to do a little detective work. These lids looked familiar, so I dug through my container cupboard. Yes, my containers have their own cupboard. Sure enough, I found a number of lids with circles in the middle. But! Not a tiny cup was to be found. What gives? Did I misplace them? Accidentally throw them out? Loan them to an evil friend who never returned them? (Yup, people like this really exist.) Or was the circle snap in the lid really just decorative at one point, until Glad woke up feeling a bit more creative? The world may never know.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone made a kind of mundane discovery that had the internet freaking out regardless. It wasn’t all that long ago that a girl by the name of Chelsea Smith discovered that you can remove those plastic rings on your earring backs, even though jewelry experts later confirmed that the plastic is supposed to be there. Regardless, Chelsea shared her experience on Twitter, and everybody promptly went nuts.

This latest discovery serves for a greater purpose — I’m always looking for better ways to keep my vinaigrette from spilling all over the place. Today feels like a major win.