The James ALefantis Pictures You Have Not Seen Yet – In Cuba With Obama?

posted by Eddie

While many of us were focused on the mainstream truth pizzagate images of the Comet ping Pong scandal, there were many Instagram photos in James Alefantis account we missed. Among them were:

    • #slaughter throughout referring to the killing of living things during the holidays.
    • Alefantis in Cuba at the same time Obama visited. An Obama donor posts  “will you be seeing the Stones with the first family.” The Rolling Stones were playing in Cuba late March 2016, while both Obama and Alefantis were there.
    • Several Greek, Roman and at least two PAN (Greek god) images as well as Alefantis referring to Rome as “home”.
    • Many chicken references linked to infants. We saw this same weird chicken-infant connection being made throughout the Pizzaslime website.

  • Alefantis using the peel (pizza spatula) as a ping pong paddle suggesting further knowledge of the occult meaning behind pizzamaking.
  • The video below also examines the film Lolita, by Stanley Kubrick, in which the scene opens with a game of Roman ping pong. The film is about pedophilia.

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