The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Video of Strange Creature Man Filmed – Can You Identify It?

On a beach in Taiwan, onlookers watched as an “alien” creature started moving about on the rocks. People gathered around – but not too close because they didn’t know what it was – and watched as the freakish thing moved about searching for something among the rocks and sand. Those that saw it happened admitted they had “never seen anything like it,” and they didn’t know what it meant. Even the man who filmed the creature, Huang Meilan, was speechless. He watched the weird thing moving about on the rocks in Hsinchu, Taiwan in Asia. Because he was afraid, he shared the video online as soon as he could. And when he did, it quickly went viral because the creature was so freakish, alien and strange. And the internet’s response was shocking…

Huang wanted the public to help him identify the thing on the beach. He didn’t want to believe that it was an alien from outer space. He needed to hear that it was something from the ocean that managed to get ashore and terrorize him and the other people who saw it. Thankfully, some people had an answer to his fear.

One of the most popular suggestions – besides its probability of being an alien – was that it was a group of “horsehair worms” tangled together in a mass. Either that or it is a “mutant” type of stick insect.

But many people remained firm on their belief that the creature came from space to terrorize humanity on earth.

After admitting that he had never seen anything like the creature in the clip, Huang wrote:

“I found this on the ground and it caught my eye. It was so strange and people said different things about it. But I wanted to know what it actually was.”

He needed the support of the online community to get to the bottom of the mystery. Many people worried that the parasitic horsehair worms had become tangled together while using a host to breed.

Many comments came in on Huang’s original video post. Here were a few:

“It could be a new creature made from a genetic mutation that we’ve never seen before. It’s a bit freaky watching it, it looks like an alien life form that has got lost on earth,” wrote Miffy Chu.

Mail Online viewers also had a lot to say about the alien creature washed up on a Taiwanese beach.

“As someone suggested on here already… it’s a ‘horse hair worm’ I was intrigued and just googled it!!! Omg it’s real oh right! Can’t believe I’ve never ever heard of that!!! Did sound hard to believe that’s why i googled, to be fair the pics I saw show smaller creatures.”

“Reminds me of the huge spiders that have invaded our home. I cleared my room by ordering them a taxi off the web.”

One viewer thought it was trash that got tangled up in the ocean.

“I think it is tangled plastic unraveling.”

What do you think it is?