The Great Pyramid of Egypt Exactly Marks The Center of Earth’s Landings

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There are a number of mysteries that are completely founded regarding the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Included in them, is the geographic location of the pyramid, which lies in the center of the Earth.

As an incredible example of the wonders of ancient architecture, the Great Pyramid of Giza covers a land mass that as wide as 592,000 ft, with each side being as long as 218,000 ft. Furthermore, this incredibly complex structure is composed of over 2,300,000 stone blocks that weighed from two-thirty tons a piece. However, some have even been estimated to have around fifty tons of weight. In order to transport such weighted blocks, very advanced machinery would have been necessary.

While scholars have suggested that the builders responsible for the Pyramid’s construction could have erected the pyramid using stone and copper tools, others have more eccentric opinions regarding its construction.

However, the most mystifying aspects of the pyramid is due to its geographic coordinates. The latitude placement of the great pyramid has been determined to take into account the exact size of Earth, as it lies dead center in the middle of Earth’s land mass. If we take that into consideration, it becomes obvious that ancient man knew the exact dimensions of our planet.

What makes this all the more magnificent, is that fact that sophisticated equipment would have been necessary for not only the carrying and placement of the bricks, but also to determine where to place the pyramid. Going further, its very construction would put it above and beyond anything that has been built, even up into the 21st century. Maybe it is time that we begin investigating some of the many theories surrounding the pyramids construction to understand the many mysteries it holds.


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