The Five Safest Countries If World War III Breaks Out

WORLD WAR 3 is becoming an increasingly alarming possibility as international conflict intensifies. These are the safest countries to hide out in.

Tensions are boiling over between many of the world’s most powerful nations.

North Korea has today fired a short-range ballistic missile towards Japan, according to South Korea’s military.

The launch of the Scud missile at 7.30am local time is the country’s ninth missile test this year and follows a series of test-launches in recent weeks.

It’s the latest move to stoke fears of a possible World War 3, with the United States and Russia among the nations involved.

Listpedia has rounded up the top five safest countries in the event of another world war.

The YouTube video – viewed more than 1.3 million times – weighs into the geographical and political reasons why these nations are the safe havens of the globe.

5. Greenland

Greenland is a Danish-dependent territory, so its political views are mostly aligned with Denmark.

Denmark is ranked second on the Global Peace Index, but it’s connected to mainland Europe.

Greenland however, is cut off geographically, making it a more attractive prospect in the event of a third world war.

4. Chile

At the southern most tip of South America, there’s a Chilean city called Punta Arenas. It’s the furthest possible point from any nuclear state.

Its relative ease of access to Antarctica also makes Chile an ideal location to weather the world war storm.

3. Iceland

Iceland is far removed from the rest of the world’s countries, making it much safer than other nations.

It’s ranked number one on the Global Peace Index, so the likelihood of an attack within its borders is extremely low.

2. United States

While it’s purely speculation, Listpedia warns there are many unknowns about military systems and technological development in the US.

It’s highly likely there are a large number of hidden fallout bunkers across the country to provide shelter.

Conspiracy theories abound that the US possesses secret super technologies, such as weapons or shields, to use if the situation arises.

If it does possess something of this nature, it could destroy its enemies while remaining intact.

1. New Zealand

Ranked number four on the Global Peace Index, New Zealand stays out of wars and conflict wherever possible.

The nation also gets over 50 per cent of its electricity from hydro-electric power.

Even if it was cut off from energy resources such as oil and coal, New Zealand could still function smoothly.

The rich and fertile environment of the landscape make it completely self-sufficient and therefore independent from the rest of the world.