The EGO Is A PDF File


To change our reality we need to remember that our soul is the programmer, our mind is the software and our body is the hardware.  This means that we can change the programming of our mind and also heal our bodies.  To do this we need to start by understanding our Ego or illusion of separation from everyone and everything around us.

The EGO works very hard to convince us that we are not worthy of enlightenment.  Our Ego is first created by the projects upon our pure young minds by the people and culture around us and eventually becomes subconscious.   Find out what can we do to fix ourselves and not pass these problems to the next generation in the video below.

Shunyamurti from the Sat Yoga Institute teaches us about waking up, where our ego comes from and how to transcend it in order to reach enlightenment.

“What is the difficulty in awakening?” poses Shunyamurti, the spiritual teacher of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. “The problem is this: The ego is a PDF file. PDF meaning, Projections, Decisions, and Fixations. And it developed in that order.

There was a pure consciousness without identification and your parents projected on it. . . . And then you took on a decision to accept those projections, or modify them somewhat, or do something with them but you made a decision based on those projections. And then that decision got repressed into the unconscious and became a fixation.”

Then, reveals Shunyamurti, “Once it became repressed you could no longer change it because your thinking capacity would begin with those projections and decisions as the basis of your thought.

And so the ego, whoever you believe yourself to be, is the product of that logic and that ego cannot change itself.”  And liberation, or awakening, though the ultimate cure cannot be achieved because the ego bases itself on an inferiority complex: “I’m unworthy, therefore I exist. This is the new Cartesian signifier.”

“So unless your desire comes out of love of life that comes out of the realization that you are a being of light, an emanation of God not an unworthy ego that’s got to prove itself and improve itself and go through all these processes of self-flagellation.

Only if it comes out of that inner most Source that is unlimited and that is not personal, its not individual. It is the Self that flows through you. . . . And our faith in realizing that ‘That is what I am, not what anyone told me. Not whatever is on that PDF file, but what is at the source of pure consciousness. Then I am liberated.” –